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thumbnail screenshot360mk2 by:peter luining
3D lingo script development by
thumbnail screenshotAltzero4 by:squidsoup
Altzero4 is a partnership between squidsoup and Icarus.If you could freeze-frame sound; explode it into its constituent parts and then freeze it, it would look something like ... +
thumbnail screenshotAmis by:dimitri barnias
AMIS (Asynchronous Music Information Streams) is a software MIDI interface based on the ideas of Granular synthesis. It is not a Granular synthesizer by means of altering the ... +
thumbnail screenshotAmis by:dimitri barnias
AMIS (Asynchronous Music Information Streams) is a software MIDI interface based on the ideas of Granular synthesis. It is not a Granular synthesizer by means of altering the ... +
thumbnail screenshotAmorphoscapes Series II 2003 - 2004 by:stanza
New audio visual experiments online and for touch screen. A whole range of works with generative sounds and images that move and morph around the screen. One series doesn't ... +
thumbnail screenshotAquacoustica by:perestroika
A nice little shockwave with fish swimming about. Levels of fish in a sinister water based environment. Hopefully they will tell us what the work is about.....but for now just ... +
thumbnail screenshotDatacity 2004 by:stanza
Live sounds and live image data caputured in real time from cameras around Bristol. Based on live capture of CCTV in real time. Turn into a painterly interpretation of the ... +
thumbnail screenshotDotdotdot by:igloo
dotdotdot is a new web and installation work using motion capture to locate a figure in a virtual space where the user can inhabit this figure and navigate the image. dotdotdot ... +
thumbnail screenshotEgowar by:jpye
Lifesystems is a series of two generated animations inspired by love and relationship. The second system is called "Egowar", some pink, some blue, start with the same strength, ... +
thumbnail screenshotEnvelope
envelope investigates the life span of all envelope systems from the construction of signs, forms and events to the eventual decay and degradation, its (deconstruction).
thumbnail screenshotFreq 2 by:squidsoup
Freq 2 is a PC only downloadalternatively
thumbnail screenshotFuorange by:glorious ninth + naxsmash
Interactive psychogenerative landscapeOnline (large public screen and small screen display). (Offline lush screens version proposed for debut with Transigence. Details: Content ... +
thumbnail screenshotGR@PHITE by:vera sylvia bighetti
In modern society, the graphite is one of the artistic expressions of the big cities.The project that I've been developing is based in the Hip Hop culture and the generative ... +
thumbnail screenshotGrid Box by:daniel pearce
'GridBox' is an audiovisual composition that explores the notion of play in the interactive experience. The piece utilises a 3x3 grid as an interface for manipulating ...
thumbnail screenshotInfrasonic Soundscape by:hidekazu minami
My project is an interface for the New York City's infrasonic soundscape. We do not as a society pay attention to ambient sounds. We are much more focused on the visual over ... +
thumbnail screenshotInner City by:stanza
2002 Sections inside include virosity. artitexture. blackstar. complicity. cuboxis. intoxcity. megalopolis.organicity. phyletcity.revolver. utopias. Continuing the search for ... +
thumbnail screenshotInter Galatic Audio Mixer by:brian judy
This work allows participants to navigate a 3D game space and interact with virtual objects and sound pieces. A rich variety of audio responses can be mixed dependent on the ... +
thumbnail screenshotK-Dron and Light. Virtual and Real. by:przemyslaw moskal
Project by Przemyslaw Moskal, K-Dron Shape by Janusz Kapusta, sound by Edward TangVirtual & Real: K-Dron and Light is the first project from my new series Virtual & Real. It ... +
thumbnail screenshotK9-[1] by:boredomresearch
K9-[1] is an interactive sound application, modelled on simple physics -ping or drop a ball on a pad and it plays a sound. The aim was to build a sound application, which ... +
thumbnail screenshotLauscherlebnis (Elbwharf Eavesdropping) by:philip gaedke
Here there is no need to interact and not even the need of watching and concentrating on the work. There is no melody and no rhythm, but still, for those who like the water and ... +
thumbnail screenshotLe Cri (The Scream) by:nicolas clauss
Interactive painting based on "the Scream" by Munch using video and radio samples. Music from Stockhausen (that you stretched by clicking) for a blend portrait of an artist's ... +
thumbnail screenshotLifeforms By Stanza by:stanza
The "mutations" are a series of generated paintings, based on the artists sampled and sequenced DNA profile. This work is my DNA portrait. My DNA was sequenced originally in ... +
thumbnail screenshotMacronaut by:toxi
Twelve handcrafted lingo scripts transforming the subspace harmonics of the macronaut soundtrack. they mix up audio energy fields with random parameters and expand your screen ... +
thumbnail screenshotMapa by:influenza
This is an online work based on an algorithmic equation that creates a non-game, a non-interactivity based on a dis-structure of navigation created on a city map. Or, perhaps, ... +
thumbnail screenshotMultiamaze by:andy forbes
mutiAMAZE at is an attempt to build an online habitat or environment where people can meet in a sociable fashion beyond simple chat and beyond 'shoot em ... +
thumbnail screenshotMusical Blocks by:chris yewell
Sound blocks is a very simply designed shockwave experiment and interactive design.Made initailly for chiidren it show how musical forms can be constructed.
thumbnail screenshotNanoensembles by:antoine schmitt
A new series of pieces for the internet: Little broken musical mechanical automatas, which evolve endlessly and autonomously. In-between the individual presence of the objects ... +
thumbnail screenshotNo. 6a by:peter luining
Interactive minimal sound piece.
thumbnail screenshotNumbers by:stanza
numbers by stanza 2001. One of the new online digital labyrinths. Interactive audio visual digital paintings and drawings for the internet. Journeys and experiments in audio ... +
thumbnail screenshotPOM by:dimitri barnias
POM is an algorithmic music tool based partly on Markov chains. The sound output at a given moment in time is determined by the previous audio output using logical rules. Such ... +
thumbnail screenshotPage_maze by:thomaz and heuser
The first work of the project When a Page Becomes a Maze shows one of the pages from the book 'The Language of New Media', by Lev Manovich, through which several small red ... +
thumbnail screenshotPet 00 by:simon yuill
PET_00 allows the user to create new compositions from a set of samples created by the composer Laura Baxter. These samples are each small micro-compositions in their own right ... +
thumbnail screenshotPrepared keyboards by:ixi
Its about finding new ways to interact with sound in computers. About creating digital instruments that visually explain the processes behind. Avoiding traditional computer ... +
thumbnail screenshotRandom Looper 1.0 by:mauricio islas strassburger
This project is divided in 3, 1st one is called Armonia, it contains a number of elements which move in an aleatoric way inside the interface, in each one of these elements is ... +
thumbnail screenshotRobotica by:stanza
Robotica is an installation using controlled autonomous players, robots that navigate their own space to make music and visuals. As they move around they trigger a database of ... +
thumbnail screenshotRude little song by:barry smylie
It is a setting for Jim's music and my graphic work. This is a picture illustrated song in shockwave.
thumbnail screenshotShadow by:michael szpakowski
The particular piece was about trying to achieve a piece in which both visuals and music played a significant part and in which events in one sphere were closely tied to the ... +
thumbnail screenshotSmalltalk by:mattbutt
MattButt:Speaks(An attempt to communicate something worth listening to or God is in my rear view mirror). Brainwave, idea, notion, inspiration, insight, flash, bolt will now be ... +
thumbnail screenshotSound Particles 1.2 by:michiel van der haagen
An interactive music pieceThe music of Sound Particles results from the interaction of a performer with a computer program. A visual representation makes the music production ... +
thumbnail screenshotSound words by:philip o'dwyer
Interactive interface for the soundtoys journal commissioned by Stanza for Thanks to the Arts Council Of England, The Watershed Media Center. This interface acts ... +
thumbnail screenshotSoundboxes by:michiel knaven
A series of small interlocked shockwaves that play on the theme of soundboxes. Fun fast and interactive. One of the first artists on soundtoys .net. Michiel's work has been ... +
thumbnail screenshotSoundscraper by:stanza
Series of six multi sound environments by stanza. Lots of built in sounds and layers. soundscraper ...... 1999 - 2000These works are an audio visual synthesis. These works in ... +
thumbnail screenshotSpringtails by:boredomresearch
Recently, we have developed our soundworks by utilising virtual life algorithms, like those used for exploring the behaviours of decentralised systems, such as bird flocks and ... +
thumbnail screenshotSquidsoup Soundtoys Interface
Click and drag a disc; try to pot it or other discs. Each disc represents a different soundtoy artist, and their links are at the top of the screen. When two discs collide, a ... +
thumbnail screenshotSynchronize Infinite Space- by:satoshi horii
Synchronize was made as space where organic sounds appear by the two or more people's participation.Your mouse's movement is recorded in the server for a little while when you ... +
thumbnail screenshotSystem 1.6 by:boredomresearch
System 1.6 uses artificial life algorithms to construct a live sound composition. It is a tank that contains 13 digital species that interact with each other in a brightly ... +
thumbnail screenshotThe Fiddler by:detlef bursiek
this music tool is based on a sound sent to me by a friend. the fiddler is the smallest musictool i ever developped. just hit the red curtain to start or the fiddler again to ... +
thumbnail screenshotThe Futurizer by:detlef bursiek
This musictool uses 1. backgroundsounds - the large rects, 2. repeating sounds - 3. the small rects and sounds - the lines. you can arrange them on the grid. loudness for each ... +
thumbnail screenshotThe Futurizer Xmas by:detlef bursiek
This musictool is based on the futurizer from 1999. it features some well-know german xmas songs. you can play the songs by hitting the rects in the right order. the online ... +
thumbnail screenshotThe Sequencer by:detlef bursiek
It uses sounds to give the interface some of of those haptics. Connect the dots in the right way.
thumbnail screenshotThe Well by:toxi
Connect a microphone (or put in a CD) to your machine and select it as sound input *before* clicking on the link...imagine you're inside a very deep & dark well, near the water ... +
thumbnail screenshotThe World Is Our Sound Toy by:dylan davis
These works are an extension of my interest in photography, music and the Australian Landscape. I am trying to not only present proof of concepts and areas of further ...
thumbnail screenshotTraber073 by:peter luining
Thanks peter for one of the best pieces on the soundtoys site. Peter has also taken the time go give an in depth interview into his working practise one of the most intersting ... +
thumbnail screenshotTwice Told Tales by:nicholas economos
A diaristic and "open" composition comprised of sound bits culled from various recordings. The notion of "frozen sounds" cited in Noise Water Meat, A History of Sound in the ... +
thumbnail screenshotTwo Ways by:jpye
Lifesystems is a series of two generated animations inspired by love and relationship.The first system is called "two ways". One pink, one blue, are together. Then they split ... +
thumbnail screenshotUeda by:u sun
The work actualizes ideologies of emergent matter associated with biological data, intuitive behavioural pathways, aesthetics, counter-culture and mythical (fictitious) ... +
thumbnail screenshotUncontrollable Semantics by:jason nelson
An online collection of audio visual modules which you can play and interact with.
thumbnail screenshotUr, Illinois [02] by:d smirnoff + f cabeza de vaca
This is a part of the work Ur, Illinois, created for the en movimito shows. Consists on two pieces; a musical composition made by request by electronic composer Fran m.m. ... +
thumbnail screenshotVenus #1 by:antoine schmitt
It is a piece that I made in 1998, and on which I reworked a few times up to recently. It is visible on my web site, but I also show it around on selected group exhibition ... +
thumbnail screenshotVersion v.005 by:elout de kok
Technical note; you can use your arrow keys to zoom in/out. click your mouse for a different coloured lightning and visual appearance.If your screen goes all gray on a windows ... +
thumbnail screenshotVirus by:ixi
We?ve been developing the ixi software as applications or instruments for people to use for creating music. We are researching and experimenting with visual interfaces for ... +
thumbnail screenshotWeaver by:andy huntington
A nice little shockwave drawing environment that andy says is about,"exploring simplicity, creating something that is engaging, not confusing and which might make people want ... +
thumbnail screenshotWho Owns Them Controls by:glorious ninth
This project is specifically concerned with ownership of and access to new technologies. When read with a question mark at the end - who owns them controls - it is questioning ... +
thumbnail screenshotamorphoscapes by:stanza
(1997 - 2006) audio visual relationships between art and science.... maybe...... The whole site has been re-designed and updated for 2006. AUDIO VISUAL PAINTINGS ...
thumbnail screenshotc404_28_v1.5 by:yoshi sodeoka's something for your senses. Click in the frame to make toy activeI'm interested in making unpleasant noise which is under appreciated in way; we are ... +
thumbnail screenshotklocki v2 by:8rolek
sound-toy designed specially for "natarcie netartu" exhibition. "natarcie netartu" took place in june 2003 in national gallery of modern art "zacheta" in warsaw.
thumbnail screenshotradar by:8rolek
sound-toy designed specially for "natarcie netartu" exhibition. "natarcie netartu" took place in june 2003 in national gallery of modern art "zacheta" in warsaw.
thumbnail content navigator by:adam hoyle with julian baker
The work allows the user to navigate the vast archive of artworks on the site. Each piece of content is tagged with a number of different tags and the user is ... +
thumbnail screenshotsssSnake by:sama a al hsshimi
sssSnake is a two-player voice-controlled version of the classic 'Snake' game. One player controls the snake by making an "SSS" voice, while the other player moves the coin ... +
antoine schmitt
Software expereiments and online showcase.
boredom research
A selction of generative abstraction and a-life.
Semi-automatic clips of net.artrestored to cross browser compliance by the Lfoundation, are a digi-tonic.
An early interactive shockwave labyrinth of playfull spaces and moving images.
Shockwave interactive system. Used fused sounds and images with keyboard control.
Made by lia, a whole series of abstracted glitchy shockwave interfaces
Custom bespoke software. All ten versions below are part of the suite of work called Subvergence. Made in 2000. Available for exhibition.
the central city
City based generative towns and a life systems evolving.
toxi: generative interactive objects
Portfolio and open source Shockwave/Processing projects by Karsten "toxi" Schmidt.
Design abstarctions with sounds attached that evolve over the screen.
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