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thumbnail screenshotBroadcasting Simulator by:yoshi sodeoka
Broadcasting simulator model 000201 with seven channels.
thumbnail screenshotCaution by:emilie pitoiset
Well I guess in one sense this is what some people have come to regard as one of theose annoying net art projects. It takes over your browser and opens loads of windows. ... +
thumbnail screenshotDatacity 2004 by:stanza
Live sounds and live image data caputured in real time from cameras around Bristol. Based on live capture of CCTV in real time. Turn into a painterly interpretation of the ... +
thumbnail screenshotDigital Oracles by:martha carrer cruz gabriel
Since ancient times oracles have been used by men to help choosing paths, and in the Digital Era we live in oracles are used more than ever. The continuous web growth and its ... +
thumbnail screenshotDomestic E.M.I. by:semiconductor
This project came about from an artists residency for a 'Disinformation' show. Disinformation aka. Joe Banks works with atmospheric recordings and delves into the depths of ... +
thumbnail screenshotFarklempt! v 1.0 by:jason van anden
Farklempt! is an online multiplayer video game that challenges its players to manage their emotional-health through the skillful manipulation of feelings against other players ... +
thumbnail screenshotHuman capital software solutions by:beatrice gibson
Human Capital is a piece of voice [text.sound] composition software [packaged and potentially marketed as a training tool for use by India based tele-workers] that parodies the ... +
thumbnail screenshotInfrasonic Soundscape by:hidekazu minami
My project is an interface for the New York City's infrasonic soundscape. We do not as a society pay attention to ambient sounds. We are much more focused on the visual over ... +
thumbnail screenshotLe Cri (The Scream) by:nicolas clauss
Interactive painting based on "the Scream" by Munch using video and radio samples. Music from Stockhausen (that you stretched by clicking) for a blend portrait of an artist's ... +
thumbnail screenshotNumbers by:stanza
numbers by stanza 2001. One of the new online digital labyrinths. Interactive audio visual digital paintings and drawings for the internet. Journeys and experiments in audio ... +
thumbnail screenshotPain Song by:annie abrahams
Words, words, that hurts. 15 .mp3 mixed, to be mixed. Might take time to charge. Dependant on flux, computer, plugin, and you. The visitor is confronted to: and, direct ... +
thumbnail screenshotPerpetual Emotion Project by:out-of-sync
Perpetual Emotion Project is an audio-visual internet work that plays with e.motions as relays, networks and vibrations. The vibration of e.motions resound through the work. ... +
thumbnail screenshotPhotomontage by:shirin kouladjie
An application of certain elementary principles in the arrangements which surround us in daily life. These principles are so simple that when they are complied with, one is not ... +
thumbnail screenshotSensity by:stanza
Sensity artworks are made from the data that is collected across the urban and environment infrastructure. Using the environment to make art. These artworks made will ... +
thumbnail screenshotSmalltalk by:mattbutt
MattButt:Speaks(An attempt to communicate something worth listening to or God is in my rear view mirror). Brainwave, idea, notion, inspiration, insight, flash, bolt will now be ... +
thumbnail screenshotSoundscraper by:stanza
Series of six multi sound environments by stanza. Lots of built in sounds and layers. soundscraper ...... 1999 - 2000These works are an audio visual synthesis. These works in ... +
thumbnail screenshotStand By Your Guns by:jillian mcdonald
Stand By Your Guns simultaneously glorifies and vilifies the handgun, masquerading as a children's fun centre. Visitors can watch gun-TV, play games, visit Charlton Heston via ... +
thumbnail screenshotVisitorsStudio by:neil jenkins
The VisitorsStudio is a multi-user online arena for production, display and discussion of audiovisual, screen based work. Visitors experiment and respond to each others' ... +
thumbnail screenshotVoice Mosaic by:martha carrer cruz gabriel
The Voice Mosaic is an interactive web-art that was born with the intention of allowing any person to participate using as interface the most pervasive and simplest ...
thumbnail screenshotVote Machine by:brian judy
Vote Machine is about the potential for vote manipulation when using computers to accumulate polling data. My work often appropriates computer game techniques, visual styles ... +
thumbnail screenshotWeb Of Lies / Tiss De Mensonges by:tamara lai
Texts, images, animations, sounds & codes : Tamara LAI (Belgium)Keywords: posthuman,, language, Internet, audio, animationGenre: AllegoryType: Visual, Text, Audio, ... +
thumbnail screenshotWho Owns Them Controls by:glorious ninth
This project is specifically concerned with ownership of and access to new technologies. When read with a question mark at the end - who owns them controls - it is questioning ... +
thumbnail screenshotamorphoscapes by:stanza
(1997 - 2006) audio visual relationships between art and science.... maybe...... The whole site has been re-designed and updated for 2006. AUDIO VISUAL PAINTINGS ...
thumbnail screenshotd'accord - karaoke by:annie abrahams
"Resurrection karaoke for the humiliated" or "Test to predict potential agressive behavior" (flash, sound on)Ple4as note 2.7 mb please wait for download. For full experience : ... +
A sorts of abstracted flash animations.
Interactive and generative audio visual abstractions by stanza.
Web Phases is an interactive musical composition that incorporates chance and randomness of Internet traffic.
Semi-automatic clips of net.artrestored to cross browser compliance by the Lfoundation, are a digi-tonic.
Maze of movies net art experientz and audio glitches.
Main stanza homepage. Interactive movies and artworks.
Custom bespoke software. All ten versions below are part of the suite of work called Subvergence. Made in 2000. Available for exhibition.
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