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thumbnail screenshot3D gamelan by:johnathan snyder
An interesting three d flash based soundtoy. This piece explores the intersection of 3d interface design and sound. It was presented at the Online Flash Film Festival in ... +
thumbnail screenshotAd Libitum by:alessandro capozzo
Ad Libitum is a web project built to generate simple automatic (random) counterpoints. It consists in three (equal) flash objects embedded in a html page, inside each module ... +
thumbnail screenshotAquacoustica by:perestroika
A nice little shockwave with fish swimming about. Levels of fish in a sinister water based environment. Hopefully they will tell us what the work is about.....but for now just ... +
thumbnail screenshotBakteria by:arcangel constantini
Just finish a new kultivokultivo03. a special bakteria kk-dura infection for your project soundtoys.
thumbnail screenshotBox#1 by:simon lalli
the box is a series of audio-visual interactive objects designed with Flash technology for the web or for physical spaces in form of interactive installation. These interactive ... +
thumbnail screenshotBox#2 by:simon lalli
the box is a series of audio-visual interactive objects designed with Flash technology for the web or for physical spaces in form of interactive installation. These interactive ... +
thumbnail screenshotBzzzpeek by:fl@33
FL@33 presents, bzzzpeek.com17 languages and growing!launch: sept. is presenting a collection of 'onomatopoeia' from around the world using sound recordings ... +
thumbnail screenshotClara: Internet Instrument by:robert wright
This project is a virtual instrument based upon the Theremin (an early electronic instrument developed by Leon Theremin in 1917). Named after Clara Rockmore, (Theremin ... +
thumbnail screenshotCubop v1 by:rechord
Audiovisual composition instrument that provides an easily accessible, alternative way to participate with music and visual arrangement via the creation and on the fly editing ... +
thumbnail screenshotDomestic E.M.I. by:semiconductor
This project came about from an artists residency for a 'Disinformation' show. Disinformation aka. Joe Banks works with atmospheric recordings and delves into the depths of ... +
thumbnail screenshotDrifter TV VJ Machine by:nils muhlenbruch
Everybody wants to be a spaceman. Flash animation.
thumbnail screenshotEgowar by:jpye
Lifesystems is a series of two generated animations inspired by love and relationship. The second system is called "Egowar", some pink, some blue, start with the same strength, ... +
thumbnail screenshotEidetic Memory by:rick mullarky
Eidetic Memory is about perception on a variety of levels. Our memories are full of true representations about everything we see. For the purposes of this piece, Ive put them ... +
thumbnail screenshotEther-1 by:ian andrews
The flash animations reside inside a radio style interface. While this interface may appear to be a rather retrograde step, limiting the visitor?s options for participation, it ... +
thumbnail screenshotFarklempt! v 1.0 by:jason van anden
Farklempt! is an online multiplayer video game that challenges its players to manage their emotional-health through the skillful manipulation of feelings against other players ... +
thumbnail screenshotFeed Me by:andrew bucksbarg and aerostatic
Feed Me is a work in progress. Feed Me will be a group of six unstable portraits of babies eating, which utilize persistence of vision to morph and destabilize still images of ... +
thumbnail screenshotFido by:carla diana
My personal work deals very heavily with humans as the link between animal and machine. I find this particular juncture in history to be a perplexing haze of discovery that ... +
thumbnail screenshotFpp: Flash Player Piano by:robert wright
This work is very similar to WCM (above), however in this experiment a three dimensional representation has been attempted (acknowledgment - adapted 3D code by Pavel Kaluzhny, ... +
thumbnail screenshotGR@PHITE by:vera sylvia bighetti
In modern society, the graphite is one of the artistic expressions of the big cities.The project that I've been developing is based in the Hip Hop culture and the generative ... +
thumbnail screenshotHearing Loss by:bradd todd
An interactive flash movie based on acupunture and perception.
thumbnail screenshotIN.FeKZioNEz by:arkteria
IN.FeKZioNEz>MobiLEzzz>>__ ProTo/CeluLares __ ProTo/CeluLar // > Mo>bIl/ in>F-EkTioNz ex>iZ/ten-ce Flo.WZ,It Run>Z _in_ Th.E Bi/Po}lar Move>Men/T>een Ti/mE and ZpaZe ... +
thumbnail screenshotInaccessible by:storybeat
Small online animations with sound.
thumbnail screenshotInfrasonic Soundscape by:hidekazu minami
My project is an interface for the New York City's infrasonic soundscape. We do not as a society pay attention to ambient sounds. We are much more focused on the visual over ... +
thumbnail screenshotInner City by:stanza
2002 Sections inside include virosity. artitexture. blackstar. complicity. cuboxis. intoxcity. megalopolis.organicity. phyletcity.revolver. utopias. Continuing the search for ... +
thumbnail screenshotIridescent Sound by:iridescent
The idea was initially influenced by some of Kandinsky's work, where we wanted to create a sort of game where sound, colours and interaction was all intertwined, creating a ... +
thumbnail screenshotK-Dron and Light. Virtual and Real. by:przemyslaw moskal
Project by Przemyslaw Moskal, K-Dron Shape by Janusz Kapusta, sound by Edward TangVirtual & Real: K-Dron and Light is the first project from my new series Virtual & Real. It ... +
thumbnail screenshotK9-[1] by:boredomresearch
K9-[1] is an interactive sound application, modelled on simple physics -ping or drop a ball on a pad and it plays a sound. The aim was to build a sound application, which ... +
thumbnail screenshotLinasound by:benjamin louis
"Lineasound" permet de creer des boucles aleatoires,selon le contr le de la souris par l'utilisateur. je voulait recreer un "orgue de barbarie", mais c'etait trop linaire 131 ... +
thumbnail screenshotMacronaut by:toxi
Twelve handcrafted lingo scripts transforming the subspace harmonics of the macronaut soundtrack. they mix up audio energy fields with random parameters and expand your screen ... +
thumbnail screenshotMapa by:influenza
This is an online work based on an algorithmic equation that creates a non-game, a non-interactivity based on a dis-structure of navigation created on a city map. Or, perhaps, ... +
thumbnail screenshotMessndtys by:jess loseby
Pitched interaction/simple amusing interactions between vision and soundbits hit relation/simple amusing interactions between vision and soundsimple text to sound ...
thumbnail screenshotMilo by:rain ashford
A clourfull picture of a cat.
thumbnail screenshotMusical Blocks by:chris yewell
Sound blocks is a very simply designed shockwave experiment and interactive design.Made initailly for chiidren it show how musical forms can be constructed.
thumbnail screenshotNanoensembles by:antoine schmitt
A new series of pieces for the internet: Little broken musical mechanical automatas, which evolve endlessly and autonomously. In-between the individual presence of the objects ... +
thumbnail screenshotNumbers by:stanza
numbers by stanza 2001. One of the new online digital labyrinths. Interactive audio visual digital paintings and drawings for the internet. Journeys and experiments in audio ... +
thumbnail screenshotPet 00 by:simon yuill
PET_00 allows the user to create new compositions from a set of samples created by the composer Laura Baxter. These samples are each small micro-compositions in their own right ... +
thumbnail screenshotPhotomontage by:shirin kouladjie
An application of certain elementary principles in the arrangements which surround us in daily life. These principles are so simple that when they are complied with, one is not ... +
thumbnail screenshotPrepared Keyboards 2.00 by:wade marynowsky
This work was made in 98 and it is about info on demand +/ - the perversity of pleasure the commodification of leasure and that is why its free. I have been working with ... +
thumbnail screenshotProsthetic Component Interface Series by:andrew bucksbarg and aerostatic
Prosthetic Component Interfaces are participatory media objects. PCI playfully simulate the interfaces of futuristic, electronic components in pixel form, similar to the ... +
thumbnail screenshotRGB - Meditation by:anna galkina
Just move the cursor all over the stage and meditate on colour energy! Three parts between 250 and 400k file size made in flash. More concept than design. Three very simple ... +
thumbnail screenshotRaindrop Melody Maker by:lullatone
1.title: Raindrop Melody Maker 2.artists: Lullatone & Secondary School Interactive Flash Application 4.year: 2009 5.length: infinite 6.statement of the work: ... +
thumbnail screenshotReality Is Multiple by:enrico tomaselli
The idea of the complexity and overlapping of the different levels of the reality, plays here a central role in the elaboration of the concept. And playing on the overlap of ... +
thumbnail screenshotRepercussion by:carla diana is a collection of virtual instruments designed for live performance and online user exploration. Rhythms and musical phrases can be dynamically composed and ... +
thumbnail screenshotSafeplaces by:toshiendo
. . . to instill the idea that the internet has more potential than it currently demonstrates. We give the internet conceptual limits and fault to realize its true worth. The ... +
thumbnail screenshotSeppe the Woodpecker - Flash Toy by:barbara sansone
This is a real toy I wanted to recreate in Flash, changing the environments and playing with sounds.The project is in progress, a lot of new Seppes are planned and people over ... +
thumbnail screenshotSibling Revelry by:peter traub
A net sampling sound toy by Peter @ Greg Traub.After months of collaboration by the brothers Traub (Greg and Peter), 'sibling revelry' is ready for your ears. Simply type in a ... +
thumbnail screenshotSmalltalk by:mattbutt
MattButt:Speaks(An attempt to communicate something worth listening to or God is in my rear view mirror). Brainwave, idea, notion, inspiration, insight, flash, bolt will now be ... +
thumbnail screenshotSodconstructor by:soda
Sodanstructor is an engaging online construction kit that gives visitors the ability to build interactive creations from a sparse framework of limbs and muscles. By altering ... +
thumbnail screenshotSonic Sweetshop by:jey malaiperuma
A superb flash based sound environment. More and more artists are using flash tecnology.The point is it allows quite alot of freedom to create innovative musical interactions. ... +
thumbnail screenshotSound Engine - beta v1.0 by:mark dearman & adam rodgers
About the work: Interactive experimentation using Flash + Sound.Year completed: 2002Machine Based Creations [Design + Technology]Other awards, festivals: winner of the ... +
thumbnail screenshotSoundboxes by:michiel knaven
A series of small interlocked shockwaves that play on the theme of soundboxes. Fun fast and interactive. One of the first artists on soundtoys .net. Michiel's work has been ... +
thumbnail screenshotSounds On The Air by:nagore salaberria
The work is done with a very basic technology in Lingo. A little character moves on the screen intersecting with other characters and creating a sound as a product of this ... +
thumbnail screenshotSoundscraper by:stanza
Series of six multi sound environments by stanza. Lots of built in sounds and layers. soundscraper ...... 1999 - 2000These works are an audio visual synthesis. These works in ... +
thumbnail screenshotSpringtails by:boredomresearch
Recently, we have developed our soundworks by utilising virtual life algorithms, like those used for exploring the behaviours of decentralised systems, such as bird flocks and ... +
thumbnail screenshotSquidsoup Soundtoys Interface
Click and drag a disc; try to pot it or other discs. Each disc represents a different soundtoy artist, and their links are at the top of the screen. When two discs collide, a ... +
thumbnail screenshotStadt Sound Station by:akuvido
System requirements for CD: mac or pc. Grafic card, 1024x768 + 256 MB RAM or more + Sound card - 16 bit/ 48kHz. Performance: To achieve maximum performance it is recommended to ... +
thumbnail screenshotStand By Your Guns by:jillian mcdonald
Stand By Your Guns simultaneously glorifies and vilifies the handgun, masquerading as a children's fun centre. Visitors can watch gun-TV, play games, visit Charlton Heston via ... +
thumbnail screenshotSystem 1.6 by:boredomresearch
System 1.6 uses artificial life algorithms to construct a live sound composition. It is a tank that contains 13 digital species that interact with each other in a brightly ... +
thumbnail screenshotTerranium by:carla diana
Terranium is an audiovisual environment that allows the user to explore a virtual world on 3-different levels: sub-terranian, ground-level and stellar. In each section, ... +
thumbnail screenshotTextbook by:compound pilot
Textbook is inspired by Man Ray's "Untitled poem, 391, no. 17 (1924)," where lines of text are blacked out so that the original words are no longer readable. In our piece the ... +
thumbnail screenshotThe Fiddler by:detlef bursiek
this music tool is based on a sound sent to me by a friend. the fiddler is the smallest musictool i ever developped. just hit the red curtain to start or the fiddler again to ... +
thumbnail screenshotThe Futurizer by:detlef bursiek
This musictool uses 1. backgroundsounds - the large rects, 2. repeating sounds - 3. the small rects and sounds - the lines. you can arrange them on the grid. loudness for each ... +
thumbnail screenshotThe Futurizer Xmas by:detlef bursiek
This musictool is based on the futurizer from 1999. it features some well-know german xmas songs. you can play the songs by hitting the rects in the right order. the online ... +
thumbnail screenshotThe World Is Our Sound Toy by:dylan davis
These works are an extension of my interest in photography, music and the Australian Landscape. I am trying to not only present proof of concepts and areas of further ...
thumbnail screenshotThrowaway media by:jess loseby
throwaway media -A soundtoy created with discarded photographs, video and sound from my mobile phone. The work takes a playful look at the lost value of the moment-stories ... +
thumbnail screenshotTime For Change by:colleen tully
An aeroplane flying with a message
thumbnail screenshotTwo Ways by:jpye
Lifesystems is a series of two generated animations inspired by love and relationship.The first system is called "two ways". One pink, one blue, are together. Then they split ... +
thumbnail screenshotUncontrollable Semantics by:jason nelson
An online collection of audio visual modules which you can play and interact with.
thumbnail screenshotVds: Virtual Drum Skin by:robert wright
The aim of this work was to develop a fun environment to explore rhythmic patterns. The resulting work allows for a succession of ?grains? to be dropped upon virtual drums of ... +
thumbnail screenshotVirus by:ixi
We?ve been developing the ixi software as applications or instruments for people to use for creating music. We are researching and experimenting with visual interfaces for ... +
thumbnail screenshotWeaver by:andy huntington
A nice little shockwave drawing environment that andy says is about,"exploring simplicity, creating something that is engaging, not confusing and which might make people want ... +
thumbnail screenshotYinyang by:rain ashford
Playfull online animation.
thumbnail screenshotradar by:8rolek
sound-toy designed specially for "natarcie netartu" exhibition. "natarcie netartu" took place in june 2003 in national gallery of modern art "zacheta" in warsaw.
thumbnail screenshotsssSnake by:sama a al hsshimi
sssSnake is a two-player voice-controlled version of the classic 'Snake' game. One player controls the snake by making an "SSS" voice, while the other player moves the coin ... +
Glasbead is a collaborative musical interface allowing players to create soundscapes and rhythmic musical sequences.
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