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. . . to instill the idea that the internet has more potential than it currently demonstrates. We give the internet conceptual limits and fault to realize its true worth. The internet is like a fancy telephone, a means of communication. There are no rules of what can be said over the phone line, yet we have managed to standardize the way we create websites ... sigh. Gcom wishes to keep on creating safeplaces within the web. A place where people can escape all the rules and have some fun.
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Designer Toshi Endo has long made Internet artworks in his spare time, and has recently begun to exhibit them in galleries. Endo says he wants to create safeplaces within the web a place where people can escape all the rules and have some fun. In Endos world animals roam free, at one with humans, trees grow, the sun comes out, the day passes in a kind of beautiful dream. We are free to play as we wish, yet at the same time we are always mediated by the boundaries he has created: despite the apparent lack of rules he has ultimately set the limits of the world for us.
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