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thumbnail screenshotA.Shooter - Sonic Invaders
a.Shooter is the first prototype release of a.Game production: a solely acoustical ego-shooter game. The player's task is to shoot up sonic invaders conquering a virtual room ... +
thumbnail screenshotFarklempt! v 1.0 by:jason van anden
Farklempt! is an online multiplayer video game that challenges its players to manage their emotional-health through the skillful manipulation of feelings against other players ... +
thumbnail screenshotInter Galatic Audio Mixer by:brian judy
This work allows participants to navigate a 3D game space and interact with virtual objects and sound pieces. A rich variety of audio responses can be mixed dependent on the ... +
thumbnail screenshotTypemovie / Virtual Patient by:heizo schulze
The written word is currently experiencing a renaissance. SMS, e-mail, and chat have "thrown us back" upon our original form of indirect human communication. Yet we ...
thumbnail screenshotsssSnake by:sama a al hsshimi
sssSnake is a two-player voice-controlled version of the classic 'Snake' game. One player controls the snake by making an "SSS" voice, while the other player moves the coin ... +
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