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thumbnail screenshotBits & Pieces by:peter traub
bits & pieces is a continuous composition that gets its source sounds from the web. Every morning a special search process looks for web pages with links to sound files. If ... +
thumbnail screenshotDatacity 2004 by:stanza
Live sounds and live image data caputured in real time from cameras around Bristol. Based on live capture of CCTV in real time. Turn into a painterly interpretation of the ... +
thumbnail screenshotHuman capital software solutions by:beatrice gibson
Human Capital is a piece of voice [text.sound] composition software [packaged and potentially marketed as a training tool for use by India based tele-workers] that parodies the ... +
thumbnail screenshotNetsong by:peter traub
By peter traub and amy alexanderWhen provided a searchterm, the netsong bot will search for this term in a search engine, then choose a page from the search results and begin ... +
thumbnail screenshotVoice Mosaic by:martha carrer cruz gabriel
The Voice Mosaic is an interactive web-art that was born with the intention of allowing any person to participate using as interface the most pervasive and simplest ...
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