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thumbnail screenshotFijuu by:julian oliver
fijuu is a 3D, audio/visual performance engine. Using a game engine, the player(s) of fijuu dynamically manipulate 3D instruments with PlayStation2-style gamepads to make ... +
thumbnail screenshotMu by:chun lee
Mu is a simple rhythmic performance tool I created in Max/msp. It started out as a exercise in which I attempted to create a synthesized piece from scratch without using any ... +
thumbnail screenshotNetsong by:peter traub
By peter traub and amy alexanderWhen provided a searchterm, the netsong bot will search for this term in a search engine, then choose a page from the search results and begin ... +
thumbnail screenshotSodconstructor by:soda
Sodanstructor is an engaging online construction kit that gives visitors the ability to build interactive creations from a sparse framework of limbs and muscles. By altering ... +
thumbnail screenshotSonicforms by:chris o'shea
Sonicforms an open source research platform for developing tangible interfaces for audio visual environments. The aim of the project is to improve this area of musical ... +
thumbnail screenshotThe Fiddler by:detlef bursiek
this music tool is based on a sound sent to me by a friend. the fiddler is the smallest musictool i ever developped. just hit the red curtain to start or the fiddler again to ... +
thumbnail screenshotThe Well by:toxi
Connect a microphone (or put in a CD) to your machine and select it as sound input *before* clicking on the link...imagine you're inside a very deep & dark well, near the water ... +
thumbnail screenshotVisitorsStudio by:neil jenkins
The VisitorsStudio is a multi-user online arena for production, display and discussion of audiovisual, screen based work. Visitors experiment and respond to each others' ... +
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