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thumbnail screenshotClicks / Clicks_LiveMixer by:jonah brucker-cohen
Clicks is a downloadable networked application that provides an ambient connection to other people's desktops by collecting and distributing desktop mouseclicks. Once ...
thumbnail screenshotGameboyzz Orchestra Project by:gameboyzz orchestra project
Gameboyzz Orchestra Project is an experimental sound - visual project, basing on the use of GameBoy console as a music instrument. Main assumption of project's authors is to ... +
thumbnail screenshotMusical Devices by:jonah brucker-cohen
Musical/Devices allows you to collaborate in a musical composition with other people using any telephone. The project allows for multiple users to participate in one experience ... +
thumbnail screenshotNop Sing by:benjamin louis
"Nop_sing"est un attracteur visuel et sonore. Aucune interactivite, tout est base que sur du random. Seul la matrice est fixe.
thumbnail screenshotPiano player's diary by:andreja andric and igor vasiljev
By Andreja AndricPiano Player's Diary is a program for MS-DOS/Windows that produces romantic piano improvisations in MIDI format. The titles of the pieces are chosen like in a ... +
thumbnail screenshotSound Engine - beta v1.0 by:mark dearman & adam rodgers
About the work: Interactive experimentation using Flash + Sound.Year completed: 2002Machine Based Creations [Design + Technology]Other awards, festivals: winner of the ... +
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