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thumbnail screenshotLa Langue Se Charge by:michael sellam
What is a script, who made it and how is it read ? This project is about the language of the computer, the code that uses computer to decode information. Untying the language, ... +
thumbnail screenshotMachina d'amore by:andreja andric and igor vasiljev
By Andreja Andric & Igor VasiljevMACHINA D'AMORE explores the position of human intimacy in the age of digital civilization. Technology brings people closer to each other, but ... +
thumbnail screenshotNop Sing by:benjamin louis
"Nop_sing"est un attracteur visuel et sonore. Aucune interactivite, tout est base que sur du random. Seul la matrice est fixe.
thumbnail screenshotPage_maze by:thomaz and heuser
The first work of the project When a Page Becomes a Maze shows one of the pages from the book 'The Language of New Media', by Lev Manovich, through which several small red ... +
thumbnail screenshotRGB - Meditation by:anna galkina
Just move the cursor all over the stage and meditate on colour energy! Three parts between 250 and 400k file size made in flash. More concept than design. Three very simple ... +
thumbnail screenshotSound Engine - beta v1.0 by:mark dearman & adam rodgers
About the work: Interactive experimentation using Flash + Sound.Year completed: 2002Machine Based Creations [Design + Technology]Other awards, festivals: winner of the ... +
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