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thumbnail screenshotBits & Pieces by:peter traub
bits & pieces is a continuous composition that gets its source sounds from the web. Every morning a special search process looks for web pages with links to sound files. If ... +
thumbnail screenshotNetsong by:peter traub
By peter traub and amy alexanderWhen provided a searchterm, the netsong bot will search for this term in a search engine, then choose a page from the search results and begin ... +
thumbnail screenshotRadio Oostvaart by:esther polak
A farmer, a neighbourhood resident and a nature lover each has his own way of relating to animals. What is the difference, for example, in the language they use? Artist Esther ... +
thumbnail screenshotSound Of Traffic by:john weir
Sound of Traffic is a Java "application" which converts TCP/IP header information into midi notes via the Java Synthesizer. The purpose is to listen in on network traffic in ... +
thumbnail screenshotSoundtrack by:gokce kinayoglu
soundtrack brings together the bird's-eye experience provided by a satellite map with an immersive and intimate feeling of a stereo sound recording. The technique that is ... +
thumbnail screenshotSpherAleas by:gregory lasserre - ana met den
SpherAleas is made of a half-spherical structure and of an evolutionary, interactive device bringing man, image and sound together thanks to digital tools. The machine becomes ... +
thumbnail screenshotWeather Player by:owain rich
WeatherPlayer is an online audio sound-art installation which creates generative music from the weather. A hardware sculpture captures light, temperature, wind and water data ... +
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