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thumbnail screenshotA.Shooter - Sonic Invaders
a.Shooter is the first prototype release of a.Game production: a solely acoustical ego-shooter game. The player's task is to shoot up sonic invaders conquering a virtual room ... +
thumbnail screenshotAmis by:dimitri barnias
AMIS (Asynchronous Music Information Streams) is a software MIDI interface based on the ideas of Granular synthesis. It is not a Granular synthesizer by means of altering the ... +
thumbnail screenshotAmis by:dimitri barnias
AMIS (Asynchronous Music Information Streams) is a software MIDI interface based on the ideas of Granular synthesis. It is not a Granular synthesizer by means of altering the ... +
thumbnail screenshotAnti-Keyframe by:carl emil carlsen
Anti-Keyframe is a freeware VJ-application developed in Max/Msp/Jitter for Mac OS X. Statement The VJ applications available on the marked are far too complex because they ... +
thumbnail screenshotCoactive by:sgx
Coactive lets the user piece together different audio element loops which are accompanied by visual animations. The goal was to let the user arrange the song within an ... +
thumbnail screenshotDrive Scroll by:greg sidal
The Drive Scroll screen saver displays the data from a disk drive as a scrolling image. The data is directly copied to an RGB screen buffer without interpretation.
thumbnail screenshotEi by:ivan bachav
I rely on basic statement as that the idea could fully unfold nowadays - you have access to already existing music and you can use it as source-database to be ...
thumbnail screenshotElectric Sheep by:scott draves
Elecric Sheep realizes the collectice dream of sleeping computers from all over the internet. Electric Sheep is a free, open source screen saver run by thousands of people all ... +
thumbnail screenshotFijuu by:julian oliver
fijuu is a 3D, audio/visual performance engine. Using a game engine, the player(s) of fijuu dynamically manipulate 3D instruments with PlayStation2-style gamepads to make ... +
thumbnail screenshotGameboy_ultraF_uk by:corby & baily
The work consists of a Free Software GameBoy emulator whose rendering system has been (pathologically) rewritten to degenerate over time. Game entities mutate into background ... +
thumbnail screenshotHuman capital software solutions by:beatrice gibson
Human Capital is a piece of voice [text.sound] composition software [packaged and potentially marketed as a training tool for use by India based tele-workers] that parodies the ... +
thumbnail screenshotMetaMix by:jason freeman
MetaMix is a cross between a musical composition, a digital audio player, an interactive experience, a software tool, and a work of conceptual art. Feed MetaMix your favorite ... +
thumbnail screenshotMu by:chun lee
Mu is a simple rhythmic performance tool I created in Max/msp. It started out as a exercise in which I attempted to create a synthesized piece from scratch without using any ... +
thumbnail screenshotMultiamaze by:andy forbes
mutiAMAZE at is an attempt to build an online habitat or environment where people can meet in a sociable fashion beyond simple chat and beyond 'shoot em ... +
thumbnail screenshotPiano player's diary by:andreja andric and igor vasiljev
By Andreja AndricPiano Player's Diary is a program for MS-DOS/Windows that produces romantic piano improvisations in MIDI format. The titles of the pieces are chosen like in a ... +
thumbnail screenshotPrepared keyboards by:ixi
Its about finding new ways to interact with sound in computers. About creating digital instruments that visually explain the processes behind. Avoiding traditional computer ... +
thumbnail screenshotRythym Engine by:hidenori watanave
Through the "RhythmEngine", we suggest, "the session which is inherited from the past to the future using place as an agent" and "music and image communication which has rich ... +
thumbnail screenshotSound Of Traffic by:john weir
Sound of Traffic is a Java "application" which converts TCP/IP header information into midi notes via the Java Synthesizer. The purpose is to listen in on network traffic in ... +
thumbnail screenshotVirus by:ixi
We?ve been developing the ixi software as applications or instruments for people to use for creating music. We are researching and experimenting with visual interfaces for ... +
thumbnail screenshotWavesync by:pelado
A sound design application built using Max/MSP another pelado creation wavesync does exactly what it says on its virtual tin it synchronises two sound files so that they always ... +
A colelctive that makes interactive musical softwares.
Classic net art site with a selection of works to explore.
Say it with software art! Links to loads more.
the shape of song
What does music look like? The Shape of Song is an attempt to answer this seemingly paradoxical question.
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