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thumbnail screenshotNon_sensor by:influenza
Nonsensor - Rafael Marchetti, Raquel Renno (Influenza, Brazil) and Gonzague Defos du Rau (Cypr?s, France)Nonsensor is a project that makes use of movement sensors to capture ... +
thumbnail screenshotRobotica by:stanza
Robotica is an installation using controlled autonomous players, robots that navigate their own space to make music and visuals. As they move around they trigger a database of ... +
thumbnail screenshotSky Ear by:usman haque
Sky Ear is a colourful glowing cloud of a thousand helium balloons filled with mobile phones and electromagnetic sensors. The cloud floats in the sky while visitors below call ... +
thumbnail screenshotThe ToneLadder by:christopher bauder
The ToneLadder If a household ladder is extended with a melodic function, it will develop into a real musical instrument. The ordinary ladder transforms into a soundladder. ... +
thumbnail screenshotmidiGun by:christopher bauder
midiGun 1.0 The "midiGun" is a novel handheld midi controller. This gunshaped interface was especially designed to remotely control realtime music softwares like Ableton ... +
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