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thumbnail screenshotBotborg - live audio-visual feedback by:botborg
Botborg began from experiments into feedback, both sonic and visual. It was found that the two could be combined, in an interactive way, with fascinating results. As the ... +
thumbnail screenshotFijuu by:julian oliver
fijuu is a 3D, audio/visual performance engine. Using a game engine, the player(s) of fijuu dynamically manipulate 3D instruments with PlayStation2-style gamepads to make ... +
thumbnail screenshotGameboyzz Orchestra Project by:gameboyzz orchestra project
Gameboyzz Orchestra Project is an experimental sound - visual project, basing on the use of GameBoy console as a music instrument. Main assumption of project's authors is to ... +
thumbnail screenshotLoopqoob by:murat n konar
Loopqoob is a physical performance system consisting of one or more sensor-equipped cubes connected to a computer based music generation/synthesis system. The orientation of ... +
thumbnail screenshotSky Ear by:usman haque
Sky Ear is a colourful glowing cloud of a thousand helium balloons filled with mobile phones and electromagnetic sensors. The cloud floats in the sky while visitors below call ... +
thumbnail screenshotVinst by:emmanuelle waeckerle
Conceived and designed by Emmanuelle Waeckerle programed in MAX/MSP and Jitter by Sebastian Lexer funded by an Arts Council London R&D bursary and Surrey Institute of Art and ... +
thumbnail screenshotamorphoscapes by:stanza
(1997 - 2006) audio visual relationships between art and science.... maybe...... The whole site has been re-designed and updated for 2006. AUDIO VISUAL PAINTINGS ...
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