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thumbnail screenshotFarklempt! v 1.0 by:jason van anden
Farklempt! is an online multiplayer video game that challenges its players to manage their emotional-health through the skillful manipulation of feelings against other players ... +
thumbnail screenshotGlasbead by:john klima
John does this thing called glasbead. Glasbead is a multi-user persistant collaborative musical interface allowing players to manipulate and exchange sound sample files and ... +
thumbnail screenshotMultiamaze by:andy forbes
mutiAMAZE at is an attempt to build an online habitat or environment where people can meet in a sociable fashion beyond simple chat and beyond 'shoot em ... +
thumbnail screenshotViral Counter - Attack by:joseph nechvatal
"Viral Counter-Attack" is a multi-user immersive computer environment which follows certain conventions of the computer war-game precedent. Here multi-users command custom made ... +
thumbnail screenshotVisitorsStudio by:neil jenkins
The VisitorsStudio is a multi-user online arena for production, display and discussion of audiovisual, screen based work. Visitors experiment and respond to each others' ... +
Glasbead is a collaborative musical interface allowing players to create soundscapes and rhythmic musical sequences.
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