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thumbnail screenshot360mk2 by:peter luining
3D lingo script development by
thumbnail screenshotCube by:jason nelson
Visual poet....and digital artist jason says he wanted; "a new way to organize a hypermedia poem. I hope the sound/voices direct the reader to the order of the poem. Each ... +
thumbnail screenshotCubop v1 by:rechord
Audiovisual composition instrument that provides an easily accessible, alternative way to participate with music and visual arrangement via the creation and on the fly editing ... +
thumbnail screenshotDrive Scroll by:greg sidal
The Drive Scroll screen saver displays the data from a disk drive as a scrolling image. The data is directly copied to an RGB screen buffer without interpretation.
thumbnail screenshotGrid Box by:daniel pearce
'GridBox' is an audiovisual composition that explores the notion of play in the interactive experience. The piece utilises a 3x3 grid as an interface for manipulating ...
thumbnail screenshotNo. 6a by:peter luining
Interactive minimal sound piece.
thumbnail screenshotSound Engine - beta v1.0 by:mark dearman & adam rodgers
About the work: Interactive experimentation using Flash + Sound.Year completed: 2002Machine Based Creations [Design + Technology]Other awards, festivals: winner of the ... +
thumbnail screenshotTraber073 by:peter luining
Thanks peter for one of the best pieces on the soundtoys site. Peter has also taken the time go give an in depth interview into his working practise one of the most intersting ... +
thumbnail screenshotTwo Ways by:jpye
Lifesystems is a series of two generated animations inspired by love and relationship.The first system is called "two ways". One pink, one blue, are together. Then they split ... +
thumbnail screenshotUr, Illinois [02] by:d smirnoff + f cabeza de vaca
This is a part of the work Ur, Illinois, created for the en movimito shows. Consists on two pieces; a musical composition made by request by electronic composer Fran m.m. ... +
Semi-automatic clips of net.artrestored to cross browser compliance by the Lfoundation, are a digi-tonic.
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