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thumbnail screenshotMusical Devices by:jonah brucker-cohen
Musical/Devices allows you to collaborate in a musical composition with other people using any telephone. The project allows for multiple users to participate in one experience ... +
thumbnail screenshotRobotica by:stanza
Robotica is an installation using controlled autonomous players, robots that navigate their own space to make music and visuals. As they move around they trigger a database of ... +
thumbnail screenshotSensity by:stanza
Sensity artworks are made from the data that is collected across the urban and environment infrastructure. Using the environment to make art. These artworks made will ... +
thumbnail screenshotSoundtrack by:gokce kinayoglu
soundtrack brings together the bird's-eye experience provided by a satellite map with an immersive and intimate feeling of a stereo sound recording. The technique that is ... +
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