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thumbnail screenshotAqua Mentis by:elia basso
Aqua Mentis is a multimedia installation, an interactive environment created to analyze and experiment in what way sounds and noises create the mental representation, the idea ... +
thumbnail screenshotBeat Catch by:beatcatch bros
BeatCatch is a robotic, intuitive, experimental drum machine. The focus of the artefact is on the expression and the aesthetics of the interaction and the use, combining an ... +
thumbnail screenshotClicks / Clicks_LiveMixer by:jonah brucker-cohen
Clicks is a downloadable networked application that provides an ambient connection to other people's desktops by collecting and distributing desktop mouseclicks. Once ...
thumbnail screenshotDisembodied voices... by:jody zellen
"Disembodied Voices," 2004 is a five projector multi-sensory interactive installation in which the viewer moves through a series of experiences exploring the differences ... +
thumbnail screenshotDribble by:silver
Dribble is a study of spatial sound behaviour during basketball game in sport hall focused on the ball sounds. It was inspired by basketball training in Domus Atletica, Oslo. ... +
thumbnail screenshotFagus Se Desnuda by:emiliano labrador
Aiming to make known a unique natural space, the beech forest of Santa Pau situated in the town of the same name in Gerona, the artists Maria Teresa Chamorro and Emiliano ... +
thumbnail screenshotFijuu2 by:julian oliver and steven pickles
Fijuu2 is the second version of the Fijuu project, a realtime 3D improvisation and composition environment that provides the user/player with 3D instruments and a track-based ... +
thumbnail screenshotGeoLeds by:annie on ni wan
GeoLeds is an realtime location-based LED sculpture project developed from GPS technology in TCM Iceland Workshop and electronics experiment from my previos project TeleCart.It ... +
thumbnail screenshotGlasbead by:john klima
John does this thing called glasbead. Glasbead is a multi-user persistant collaborative musical interface allowing players to manipulate and exchange sound sample files and ... +
thumbnail screenshotIn Search of Identity by:nikolai cornell
An intercative installation with human scale display and spatial display
thumbnail screenshotNon_sensor by:influenza
Nonsensor - Rafael Marchetti, Raquel Renno (Influenza, Brazil) and Gonzague Defos du Rau (Cypr?s, France)Nonsensor is a project that makes use of movement sensors to capture ... +
thumbnail screenshotR.E.A.L. SOUND by:meermens
An interactive isntallation combining image and sound through a tangible interface.
thumbnail screenshotRobotica by:stanza
Robotica is an installation using controlled autonomous players, robots that navigate their own space to make music and visuals. As they move around they trigger a database of ... +
thumbnail screenshotSensity by:stanza
Sensity artworks are made from the data that is collected across the urban and environment infrastructure. Using the environment to make art. These artworks made will ... +
thumbnail screenshotSibling Revelry by:peter traub
A net sampling sound toy by Peter @ Greg Traub.After months of collaboration by the brothers Traub (Greg and Peter), 'sibling revelry' is ready for your ears. Simply type in a ... +
thumbnail screenshotSky Ear by:usman haque
Sky Ear is a colourful glowing cloud of a thousand helium balloons filled with mobile phones and electromagnetic sensors. The cloud floats in the sky while visitors below call ... +
thumbnail screenshotSpherAleas by:gregory lasserre - ana met den
SpherAleas is made of a half-spherical structure and of an evolutionary, interactive device bringing man, image and sound together thanks to digital tools. The machine becomes ... +
thumbnail screenshotSpinne by:beloff-berger
Spinne is networked audio installation consisting of four sculptures. The piece contains two parts; the core of the piece is a program functioning in the internet. The other ... +
thumbnail screenshotThe ToneLadder by:christopher bauder
The ToneLadder If a household ladder is extended with a melodic function, it will develop into a real musical instrument. The ordinary ladder transforms into a soundladder. ... +
thumbnail screenshotThe Well by:toxi
Connect a microphone (or put in a CD) to your machine and select it as sound input *before* clicking on the link...imagine you're inside a very deep & dark well, near the water ... +
thumbnail screenshotUncaged by:ralf nuhn
UNCAGED was first exhibited at the V&A - National Museum of Childhood, London (UK) during Mai and June 2004. The choice of this museum reflects the project's aim to be ... +
thumbnail screenshotVinst by:emmanuelle waeckerle
Conceived and designed by Emmanuelle Waeckerle programed in MAX/MSP and Jitter by Sebastian Lexer funded by an Arts Council London R&D bursary and Surrey Institute of Art and ... +
thumbnail screenshotWeather Player by:owain rich
WeatherPlayer is an online audio sound-art installation which creates generative music from the weather. A hardware sculpture captures light, temperature, wind and water data ... +
thumbnail screenshotmidiGun by:christopher bauder
midiGun 1.0 The "midiGun" is a novel handheld midi controller. This gunshaped interface was especially designed to remotely control realtime music softwares like Ableton ... +
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