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thumbnail screenshotHearing Loss by:bradd todd
An interactive flash movie based on acupunture and perception.
thumbnail screenshotLe Cri (The Scream) by:nicolas clauss
Interactive painting based on "the Scream" by Munch using video and radio samples. Music from Stockhausen (that you stretched by clicking) for a blend portrait of an artist's ... +
thumbnail screenshotSmalltalk by:mattbutt
MattButt:Speaks(An attempt to communicate something worth listening to or God is in my rear view mirror). Brainwave, idea, notion, inspiration, insight, flash, bolt will now be ... +
thumbnail screenshotWeb Of Lies / Tiss De Mensonges by:tamara lai
Texts, images, animations, sounds & codes : Tamara LAI (Belgium)Keywords: posthuman,, language, Internet, audio, animationGenre: AllegoryType: Visual, Text, Audio, ... +
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