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thumbnail screenshotElectric Sheep by:scott draves
Elecric Sheep realizes the collectice dream of sleeping computers from all over the internet. Electric Sheep is a free, open source screen saver run by thousands of people all ... +
thumbnail screenshotVtmz by:victor liu
VTMZ is an online space for shared music, as well as a music broadcasting station. Listeners may upload their own songs to VTMZ, and, after being read by software, these songs ... +
thumbnail content navigator by:adam hoyle with julian baker
The work allows the user to navigate the vast archive of artworks on the site. Each piece of content is tagged with a number of different tags and the user is ... +
thumbnail screenshottag navigator by:neil jenkins
Interactive interface for the soundtoys site commissioned by Stanza for Thanks to the Arts Council Of England and The Watershed Media Center.This interface acts ... +
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