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thumbnail screenshotDigital Oracles by:martha carrer cruz gabriel
Since ancient times oracles have been used by men to help choosing paths, and in the Digital Era we live in oracles are used more than ever. The continuous web growth and its ... +
thumbnail screenshotGeoLeds by:annie on ni wan
GeoLeds is an realtime location-based LED sculpture project developed from GPS technology in TCM Iceland Workshop and electronics experiment from my previos project TeleCart.It ... +
thumbnail screenshotNon_sensor by:influenza
Nonsensor - Rafael Marchetti, Raquel Renno (Influenza, Brazil) and Gonzague Defos du Rau (Cypr?s, France)Nonsensor is a project that makes use of movement sensors to capture ... +
thumbnail screenshotPage_maze by:thomaz and heuser
The first work of the project When a Page Becomes a Maze shows one of the pages from the book 'The Language of New Media', by Lev Manovich, through which several small red ... +
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