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thumbnail screenshotA journey to Rotterdam by:david upton
This piece is about modern business travel, and also what we see and don't see as we travel by modern transport systems. How aware are the people who make commercial and ... +
thumbnail screenshotAmorphoscapes Series II 2003 - 2004 by:stanza
New audio visual experiments online and for touch screen. A whole range of works with generative sounds and images that move and morph around the screen. One series doesn't ... +
thumbnail screenshotPage_maze by:thomaz and heuser
The first work of the project When a Page Becomes a Maze shows one of the pages from the book 'The Language of New Media', by Lev Manovich, through which several small red ... +
thumbnail screenshotSoundscraper by:stanza
Series of six multi sound environments by stanza. Lots of built in sounds and layers. soundscraper ...... 1999 - 2000These works are an audio visual synthesis. These works in ... +
thumbnail screenshotd'accord - karaoke by:annie abrahams
"Resurrection karaoke for the humiliated" or "Test to predict potential agressive behavior" (flash, sound on)Ple4as note 2.7 mb please wait for download. For full experience : ... +
the central city
City based generative towns and a life systems evolving.
toxi: generative interactive objects
Portfolio and open source Shockwave/Processing projects by Karsten "toxi" Schmidt.
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