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thumbnail screenshotA journey to Rotterdam by:david upton
This piece is about modern business travel, and also what we see and don't see as we travel by modern transport systems. How aware are the people who make commercial and ... +
thumbnail screenshotBotborg - live audio-visual feedback by:botborg
Botborg began from experiments into feedback, both sonic and visual. It was found that the two could be combined, in an interactive way, with fascinating results. As the ... +
thumbnail screenshotDigital Oracles by:martha carrer cruz gabriel
Since ancient times oracles have been used by men to help choosing paths, and in the Digital Era we live in oracles are used more than ever. The continuous web growth and its ... +
thumbnail screenshotGlich-Gen by:dreamaddictivelab
Glitch is the digital deconstruction of an image that suffers a rupture in its source code, this rupture is known as a system error. Glich-gen uses a series of errors processed ... +
thumbnail screenshotIN.FeKZioNEz by:arkteria
IN.FeKZioNEz>MobiLEzzz>>__ ProTo/CeluLares __ ProTo/CeluLar // > Mo>bIl/ in>F-EkTioNz ex>iZ/ten-ce Flo.WZ,It Run>Z _in_ Th.E Bi/Po}lar Move>Men/T>een Ti/mE and ZpaZe ... +
thumbnail screenshotSensity by:stanza
Sensity artworks are made from the data that is collected across the urban and environment infrastructure. Using the environment to make art. These artworks made will ... +
thumbnail screenshotSoundtrack by:gokce kinayoglu
soundtrack brings together the bird's-eye experience provided by a satellite map with an immersive and intimate feeling of a stereo sound recording. The technique that is ... +
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