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The work actualizes ideologies of emergent matter associated with biological data, intuitive behavioural pathways, aesthetics, counter-culture and mythical (fictitious) characters and their landscapes.

The objective is to programme generative, recombinant pixels that evolve and mutate, reacting to a call for actuation of the stimulus. The concrete relationship between the sensibilities of the user and interface are immaterial as all minds render forms and representation to experience objects in time. The breaks in lines and colour trace the metaphysics of aural space, by recontextualisng the planes via streams of colour and illusory sediments. Thus, the environment, and spatialisation of each apparatus lack succession as the sequentially of time cannot be thought to the end.

Ueda will further extend this work by obtaining recollections of automatic writing.
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U-Sun is an artist who lives in London, UK. She works collaboratively with various collectives as well as creating her own audiovisual work. She has completed studies in Sustainable Design and has a degree in Fine Arts (COFA) and a Masters of Design from the University of Technology, Sydney.
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