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Cubop v1

Audiovisual composition instrument that provides an easily accessible, alternative way to participate with music and visual arrangement via the creation and on the fly editing of sound & visual objects. Jam with it to generate ambient moods or create pieces of a more engaging nature. Playing cubop is non competitive and is designed to immerse the user in a transitory process which by nature has a certain degree of uncertainty. As such It offers a complementary paradigm to manuscript or sequencer based learning. Cubop has a specific rule based vocabulary. There is no random behaviour.To play click and drag rectangles and explore.This version is a prototype of an instrument in development.Each one is about 500k.
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rechord : about

Stefan Cartwright, sound designer, Rachel Collinson, software artist and Louise Carrier, visual designer.Rechord use digital technology to enable self expression through the process of playful exploration and discovery. Our creative play software includes audiovisual environments, composition instruments and learning tools.

At present much of our work is born through playing with algorithms derived from mathematical sequences, harmonic intervals, patterns that appear to relate to forms in nature. By attributing sonic and visual objects with specific interactive behaviours and then observing the feedback new ideas evolve organically. These are developed through a process of research, play, improvisation, serendipity and user testing. From which emerges a simple grammar with increasingly complex and pleasing outcomes.