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By peter traub and amy alexander

When provided a searchterm, the netsong bot will search for this term in a search engine, then choose a page from the search results and begin following links from that page. It will continue to follow links from the resulting pages indefinitely, backing up and rerouting if it hits a dead end. Happily gathering text from each page it visits, the netsong bot savors the unique lyricality and poignant narrative of the web and begins to sing it. Not content to merely surf the information superhighway, the netsong bot makes it music.
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Bits & Pieces

bits & pieces is a continuous composition that gets its source sounds from the web. Every morning a special search process looks for web pages with links to sound files. If links are found, the sound files are downloaded. The day's 'catch' is then used to create the pieces in bits & pieces for the next 24 hours.Every 15 minutes a sound generating process randomly picks a few sound files to work with. Once a sound generating process is complete, its output is converted into two mp3 files (one for high bandwidth and one for low).Your mp3 player will play back the ten most recent pieces from newest to oldest. The source samples change daily, so check back in occasionally to hear the latest catch.
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Sibling Revelry

A net sampling sound toy by Peter @ Greg Traub.

After months of collaboration by the brothers Traub (Greg and Peter), 'sibling revelry' is ready for your ears. Simply type in a search term (preferably sound related), and the 'sibling revelry' engine will search the web for related sounds, bringing those it finds directly to your browser. Use your mouse or your keyboard (keys a,s,d,f, and g) to play back the sounds to create your own unique internet sound collage. Please be patient, as the engine sometimes takes a few minutes to find its first batch of sounds. We have given you some default sounds to play with while you wait.'sibling revelry' requires Macromedia Flash 5, and preferably a high-bandwidth connection (DSL or better).
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peter traub : about

Peter is currently a ph.d. student in composition at the university of virginia. he completed a master's degree in electro-acoustic music at dartmouth college in 1999, and worked as a software engineer in silicon valley from then until 2004.
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