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Prepared Keyboards 2.00

This work was made in 98 and it is about info on demand +/ - the perversity of pleasure the commodification of leasure and that is why its free. I have been working with director to created performative audio visual works from 96.I use these works to perform at parties and experimental sound events under the alias "Spanky".I have about eight banks of different "prepared keyboard" material which I switch between depending on the gig. Recently i have started to develop works in Max + nato and am excited to see some new developments in this field especially for the web.
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wade marynowsky : about

Wade Marynowsky is a Sydney based media artist working in audio-visual performance, installation, music and video. Since 1998 Wade has exhibited and performed extensively. Recent highlights include his installation Autonomous Improvistation v1 at Artspace Sydney, 2007, the demux launch at the Performance space, Sydney 2007, performing the pink gimp at Electrofringe 2006 and performing Apocalypse Later at ISEA2004 , (while cruising the Baltic Sea). Wade performs under many aliases such as Marynowsky, The pink gimp, The_Geek_From_Swampy_Creek, AC-3P and Spanky. In his performances Wade uses custom-built software for live audio-visual processing often exploring the tension between his wet and dry AV transformations. Wade started the dvd label ‘demux’ with Peter Newman in 2006. http://www.demux.org