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Stereoscopy space

The project of creation and execution of generative art in a dialogue between the space, the virtual object and the interactor.
The public mediate in the projected images through one wireless mouse, interacting with movements that are converted into different estereoscopyics images for the use of eyeglasses with film Cromadeht TM 3D.
The images are modified by the participants who if become co-authors of the workmanship, and if it carries through in the interaction. It explores reading contexts and perception dematerializes the media to make the interface if to carry through in the not link space of the support

About the project:
The idea is to make the reader to lose the notion of the tocvel object for the object that if carries through in an event. To arrest the reader in an incorporeal object space. Developed inside of the ergodic conception of Espen Aarseth where a work of configuration of the machine not only exists, but also of the reader. The project this also thought about the category of Generativa Art or randonismo - type of programming routine that if generates continuously through the action. The Generativa Art mediated for softwares, problematiza the question of the authorship that would not exist without a data base created by the author. The data base deals with a gamma of commands, allowing to configure some new authorial forms. The digital image as a load computer science, that is pixel loads information that can or not to modernize itself. The project is also based on the concept of Game.

The reader if involves in the game between illusion and immersion, images that do not exist because they depend on the action of the eyes (physical process - Aarseth) in the estereoscopipy vision for the use of eyeglasses. It is a project where the perception is in the game of that it is real and what it is virtual as a condition one of the other, only perceives the virtual one in function of the perception of the Real and vice versa, and this is the magician of the proposal.
Very difficult if to have a documentation of the project, because it is what he happens, depending on the specific variations of the immersion of the interactor being thus to do documents.
To search and to produce, to relate the technique with the conceptual theory bring a justification for the idea of a new form, new language. The technology to if joining to the concept produce a new process creative of new challenges. Our relation with the machine allows constructions beyond the scale human being, new mental constructions that cross horizons. New mental constructions beyond the machine that make possible unimaginable cultural relations.

Main body of paper:
The virtual reality allows the immersion in cyberespace. We will complete create synthetic spaces in which we can immerge alone or with more partners. In these virtual environments we can interact, to penetrate, to circulate, in touching, simulating them the experience in the space and between objects. The digital technology in allows to liven up them cells, us of information, that to if putting into motion in a deep static provokes the illusion of 3D. Offering images to us that are in the limit of the border of the Real and the virtual one
As it defines Manuel Castells this modality of the development he is in the relationship technician of the production and, therefore it can be seen as a social relationship that indicates the modalities of the development of the technological creations, giving forms to the entire kingdom of the social behavior, of course thus including the communication symbolic. Its conclusions can be prosecuted as what they come to produce social a structure new (a society of the net), a new economy (global an informative economy) and a new culture (a culture of the virtual reality). A new society of information.

For this installation they would be used initially a computer, a projector multimedia, two loudspeakers, eyeglasses 3D and one wireless mouse.

In this experiment we will be demonstrating in practical way, interactive imersivo, the qualities and concepts of the illusion and the immersion, according to Oliver Grau.

Although the majority of the peoples considers that the virtual reality is a completely new phenomenon, we find its in the history of the images imersives. The search of imaginary the visual space goes beyond the antiquity. Oliver Grau shows as the art of the virtual one appeared very before the art the illusion and the immersion. It describes metamorphoses of the concepts of the art and the image, the interactive art, the project of the relations, the agents, the telepresence and the evolution of the image. Grau not only considers a history of the spaces of the illusion, but also of a theoretical structure for an analysis of the fenomenology, its functions and its strategies for the future. (Oliver Grau - December 2002).

The interaction in cyberespace allows to circulate in space shaped for computational, composed way of three-dimensional environments that can contain some scenes, activated in one determined moment, where current objects are reconfigured in function of events and behaviors determined for the reader and the real time is determined by the machine in almost the concurrence of the emission and reception of the information.

Thus we will be able to perceive that the artistic productions certify that the creation and the communication are in tunning with a proper mentality of the digital age, point with respect to new forms of relation between the human beings and machines from the technologycal devices and of the numerical language.

PC - Shockwave software Director Macromedia -The CDROM is PC format
My project can work on line, off line or a interactive installation. I send to the festival a CD-ROM in PC format.

10 Mb zip file to download at

For the installation and the stereoscopy view,the work need a space ( 2,50 mts x 3,00 mts)with black walls. For a light coloured projection ( 1 multimedia projector and 1 computer), the screen wall must be white. I can provide the Chromadepht glasses to the stereoscopy view.

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In modern society, the graphite is one of the artistic expressions of the big cities.
The project that I've been developing is based in the Hip Hop culture and the generative art. It works with the programming language as a graphiter ould work with spray or a DJ with the sound.

The Gr@phite project abuses of this culture material, exploring the potential of the digital generative art and its possibilities, constructing a sonorous poetical experimentation and is visually interactive. This is another way to express the multiple markets already existing of the sonorous visual expression.
Gr@phite is a reactive, generative and interactive use of the software, where the applications figure as an amusement, a game where the user enters, and the rules are given so the user can make its choices of action. Depending on the objects chosen and the interaction of the user, he can be either a graphiteir or a DJ.
Perhaps the most original characteristic of this interactive experimentation is that it allows that the emergent phenomenon are considered. An emergent phenomenon cannot be foreseen, nor can it be entirely explained or simply moved away. The emergent phenomenon are, over all those that cannot be foreseen by the behavior of its components. They happen as successful, unexpected mutations. The interactive generative art of Gr@phite favors the surprises of the events that can or not be controlled.
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2004. Doctor's degree in Communications and Semiotics - PUC - Sao Paulo.
Master's Degree in Communications and Semiotics - PUC - Sao Paulo.
Post-graduate work in Art and Technology - Sao Paulo College of Fine Arts. Working the digital medium and researching exploring electronic media in art education.

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2004 Computer Music and Software Art.
2004 International Festival of Electronic Art 404.
2004 Presentations for GA2004.
2004 Hipersonica.
2004 FILE in Sao Paulo.
2004 DNA - Diesel New Art.
2003 Machinista Pern,Russia .