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I have always been fascinated by sounds on travels as well as spaces/locations and time zones.

I also like the feeling of mixing native sounds (recorded down the street) with electronic soundscapes.

The idea behind sonicplanet is to connect these things all together and to give the user the opportunity to travel by activating sounds located on an invisible map. On a second level the user can trigger what I named soundspheres (soundscapes) to give the native sounds more depth.

As for the interface, I have chosen to give the application a retro-futurist software style to emphasize the idea that sonicplanet is a sonictravel engine.
This version of sonicplanet is the version 1.0. As I?m currently living in Asia, most of the sounds have been recorded in the region, But I plan to uptdate it regularly with native sounds from new locations as well as with new soundspheres.

It has been created using:
Photoshop for graphics
A Korg MS2000 and Cubase VST for sound design and sound-editing
Flash for the soundspheres (generative audio and background animation,
Director for the programming.

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Proessional background is Media and Advertising but I have always been into Sounds and Music. Today, I?m freelancing in the multimedia industry and my objective is to combine my marketing background with my ability to design and deliver interactive contents. (cv enclosed).