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Web Of Lies / Tiss De Mensonges

Texts, images, animations, sounds & codes : Tamara LAI (Belgium)

Keywords: posthuman, net.art, language, Internet, audio, animation
Genre: Allegory
Type: Visual, Text, Audio, Animation

? insomma of deepenings
cosmopolitan range combines the affects
without fetichism nor tongues on the globe
. a borning vector.post-pomo. rezo
legacy of his past, web of lies

Cyber poems - interactive shocked movies
click, click & click...

Sliced poems destructurated messages
dancing skeletons mutant(s) running people atomic explosions
reality virtuality hopes fears distortion
is this the end ? a never ending happy end or a sad new beginning ?

screen1000 x 800 /fast connection / sound on / click click & click
collection:2003 | date added:2003-11-15 | enter project

tamara lai : about

Digital Artist / New Media :: Video (1983), Computer design (1993), CD-Rom Interactive (1993), Net Art / Web Art (1997) :: Virtual curator :: Writer

Video director since 1985, TL converges in 1993 to the digital techniques and the writing of interactive tales and poetry (CD-ROMS). Since 1997, she centres her researches on Net Art / Web Art (sites, chat_and_cam performances, videoconferences...), with a special focus on the creation of networked collective spaces. Her work has been exhibited internationally as official selections of festivals and events in Belgium, France, The Netherlands, Germany, Swiss, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Poland, Hungary, Canada, Hong-Kong, New York, Turkye, Minnesota, United Kingdom, Thailand, Irland, Brasil, Argentina, Mexico, Columbia, Pennsylvania, Cuba

tamara lai : awards & exhibitions

PRIX ARCANAL (Arts du Spectacle) au F.I. de Video du C.A.Simone de Beauvoir Paris (Video : ANATOMICA) 1992

- Genius2000 Rolling 2002 - AWARD : Best Female Presenter / ART-DEATH (Minneapolis, Minnesota USA) 2002