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Squidsoup Soundtoys Interface

Click and drag a disc; try to pot it or other discs. Each disc represents a different soundtoy artist, and their links are at the top of the screen. When two discs collide, a sound is emitted. When a disc is potted, another disk turns up, representing another soundtoys artist.

Commissioned to act as a playful interface to the soundtoys.net collection aimed at a young audience. We have attempted to combine striking visuals with gameplay and soundplay while also allowing visitors to browse the hundreds of soundtoys available.

Interactive interface for the soundtoys site commissioned by Stanza for soundtoys.net. Thanks to the Arts Council Of England and The Watershed Media Center.
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squidsoup.org : about

Squidsoup's work combines sound, physical space and virtual worlds to produce immersive and emotive headspaces. By exploring the modes and effects of interactivity, they look to make digital experiences where meaningful and creative interaction can occur. The aim is to allow participants to take active control of their experience.

squidsoup.org : awards & exhibitions

squidsoup's work has been shown in dozens of festivals, seminars and galleries around the world including ISEA (Nagoya, Japan, 2002), SONAR (Barcelona, 2001) and SIGGRAPH (LA, 2001), as well as several online exhibitions. Recognition includes an EMMA (Best On-line Art 2000) and a BAFTA nomination (Interactive Arts 2002). Collaborators include NESTA Futurelab, Surrey Institute of Art and Design, Mobile Bristol, Watershed, Cornerhouse, Bristol Old Vic, soundtoys and the ICA. Events and installations so far in 2006 include Cybersonica and Lovebytes.