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Eidetic Memory

Eidetic Memory is about perception on a variety of levels. Our memories are full of true representations about everything we see. For the purposes of this piece, Ive put them into three categories: The first (photographic) is the visual record, the cold truth of what was seen. The second (diagrammatic) is the interpretive layer, how our minds cast about for associations and comparisons. The third (aural) is a strictly emotional space a physical reaction to stimulus. EM tries to show these layers connected in the (abstract) arena of perfect recall.over 500k to download.... this is great fun.
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When you see a beautiful work of art or hear music that moves you, sometimes it's not enough to simply see or hear it; you want to have a deeper relationship with the material, to be a part of it. The usual way you respond to this desire is to buy a brush or memorize lyrics, and have your relationship through duplication. The new area of interactive artworks allows a very different kind of relationship. We become co-creators, co-conspirators, we can make things happen. We can participate in a much more meaningful way. My goal is to create unique environments that make the most of this possibility.
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