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A sound design application built using Max/MSP another pelado creation wavesync does exactly what it says on its virtual tin it synchronises two sound files so that they always playback looped within the same timeframe at any pitch.It enables the user to: import numerous sound files of any length into RAM and rapidly manoeuvre and manipulate them for sound design purposes and/or rhythmic based loops.Draw in amplitude envelopes and set crossfades; record and playback independent sequences of settings using any of seven filters and incorporate various distortion algorithms; link panning to filter frequency or amplitude envelopes; input sequences that vary playback speeds to provide varying rhythmic and pitched loops; record the result as a loop or longer file and import that sound back into wavesync on the fly; wavesync can be used for a variety of needs. I personally like sounds to be constantly shifting and to exhibit subtle variations in texture rather than loop around in a simple repetitive manner. The application is great when using relatively short files of field recordings, particularly for the work I do with Stanza, but it is equally successful with rhythmic loops for more dance orientated music. Utilising Rewire technology samples can be played and recorded directly into sequencer applications. In live performances wavesync runs alongside other applications that will transmit or receive synchronisation information.
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Pelado lives in London and can be commisionned for sound design work in film/video/installations. He is also a music producer and creates live music incorporating Max/MSP applications that he has built. For application downloads contact. . Or see exhibitions.....or see our sofware section coming soon.