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Perpetual Emotion Project

Perpetual Emotion Project is an audio-visual internet work that plays with e.motions as relays, networks and vibrations. The vibration of e.motions resound through the work. Perpetual Emotion Project is a site for ongoing ?pataphysical research into the study of e.motions - aka e.motionography. This is a sort of ?gay science? of multiple and contrary theories - from a neuroscience of interspecies relations to the physics of e.motion (according to Superstring Theory, e.motions are the fifth force -- after gravity).

In this fictive work, we have set up the Institute for the Study of Perpetual Emotion. In some ways the work is a site of multiple ?sound toys?. And you will need to come in and stay for a while in order to explore the Research at this Institute.

Perpetual Emotion recalls one of the oldest dreams of science and technology - to invent a perpetual motion machine. It is also a play with the neuroscientific language of cognitive science. Initially we were inspired by the work of the 19th century scientist and physiologist Etienne-Jules Marey. Marey studied movement - first in humans then animals, plants and insects - eventually inventing chronophotography, which led to the invention of cinematography. He invented many machines in order to record movement, and it is these ?machines? that we play with sonically and visually in The Perpetual Emotion Project.

Credits: Maria Miranda and Norie Neumark
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out-of-sync : about

Out-of-Sync is a collaboration between and Maria Miranda and Norie Neumark. We have been working together for over 15 years, beginning in radio and then from the early 90's making work with CD-roms, installations, websites and net art installations.

Maria Miranda is a new media artist based in Sydney. Visit www.out-of-sync.com for further details.
Norie Neumark is a sound/radio/ new media artist based in Sydney. Visit www.out-of-sync.com for further details.

Currently we are interested in working with the fictive possibilities of the net -- playing on the borderland between fiction and reality. Investigations include anomalies, rumour, difference, Gertrude Stein, ducks, everyday life, trees and frogs, Jules Verne, volcanoes, Jorge Luis Borges - through a variety of scientific approaches, from rumourology to emotionography to data collecting.

out-of-sync : awards & exhibitions

ATOM Award 2004 for Museum of Rumour - http://www.atomawards.org/, Artists Studio on Turbulence 2004 - http://www.turbulence.org/works on Rhizome, Member of ICOLS (International Corporation of Lost Structures -http://www.icols.org/), Mars for the Mars Patent, ISEA2004 ferry, FILE Brazil 2004 Assemblage: The Womens New Media Gallery, JavaMuseum, TrAce, Incubation3 2004 http://trace.ntu.ac.uk/, SCAN Gallery - http://scan.net.au/scan/gallery/index.html