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In Search of Identity

An intercative installation with human scale display and spatial display
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Nikolai Cornell is an award winning media designer, technologist and artist with experience in interactive installation design, web, print, interface development, branding, and photography. For the past several years his focus has been on creating a series of interactive media design installations that explore human-scale interaction, environmental interface and display systems. These experiments and projects embed media into environments, enhance interior spaces and facades by making them respond to the movements of people through the space. I have focused on developing a unique design language in an attempt to integrate Architecture and Media Design through interactive installations that connect physical space with immersive virtual content by forming a dialogue between the two.

nikolai cornell : awards & exhibitions

Flash Film Festival SF 2005, Graphis New Talent Annual 2005, SXSW Interactive Festival 2005, I.D. Interactive Media Design Review 2004, Flash in the Can 2004, PDN Photography Annual 2004, Print 2004 Regional Design Annual, and others.