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Twice Told Tales

A diaristic and "open" composition comprised of sound bits culled from various recordings. The notion of "frozen sounds" cited in Noise Water Meat, A History of Sound in the Arts by Douglas Kahn (MIT Press, 2001) served as inspiration, specifically the references to a peculiar storyline in which sounds were somehow material and silenced when frozen by extreme cold. Upon thawing the sounds could be heard but were no longer held to their original temporal sequences. In this work, various times and places mix via altered field recordings and re-recorded broadcast media. The minimal interface allows for a random combination of up to seven loops to sound together. Adjustments to the composition are made by dragging and releasing the circular graphic elements. Vertical positioning sets the volume and horizontal positioning sets the pan of each loop in the composition set. Clicking the "++" resets the screen. The direct and simple design is intended to allow for ease of use by a wide audience.
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Nicholas Economos is a digital media artist and educator living in rural Western New York. His art practice involves work in interactive media, sound, video, animation and prints. His work is in the permanent collection at where he is also a SuperUser, editing content for the front page of the web site and the rhizome Rare email list. He has recently exhibited at ART IN GENERAL, New York, NY, Ocularis, Williamsburg Brooklyn, the Visual Studies Workshop, Rochester, NY, DigiFest2002 at DXNet in Toronto, Canada, the Boston Cyberarts Festival, and Net_Working in Bristol
and London, England. An excerpt of his sound work, "daybreak" is online in DRUNKEN BOAT #4, SPRING 2002 at He is a frequent artist-in-residence at the Experimental Television Center in Owego, New York and is a visiting professor at the Institute for Electronic Arts in Alfred, New York.