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Sound Particles 1.2

An interactive music piece

The music of Sound Particles results from the interaction of a performer with a computer program. A visual representation makes the music production an intuitive process, no special skills are needed.

This is one of my attempts to produce a maximum of effect with a minimum of (programming) effort. The behavior of a particle is based on Newton's calculations of movement, but I use shortcuts. This results in an almost realistic behavior similar to the almost realistic 3d look of the particles.

I hope you enjoy the challenge to gain control over this mini universe. A more pleasing arrangement of the sounds will be the result of your efforts. (What a more pleasing arrangement sounds likeI is entirely up to you of course). As the amount of particles increase so does the complexity. No matter how skilled you are you will never be able to master this 'instrument'.

I gave this music piece some traditional characteristics. It has a start, it's building up to a climax and then it ends. The development and the duration of the piece is determined by you.

The visual representation is an essential part of the music, so if anyone would like to perform it, an audience must have access to this representation in order to make the piece complete..
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Michiel van der Haagen is by training a biologist, who holds an MFA Computing in Arts and Design from Middlesex University, London. He is the principal developer of the CultureBase Content Management System of De Balie, which is scheduled for open source release as part of the larger MMBase.org project in the Fall of 2007. Currently he works as a researcher for the media department of De Balie and the University of Portsmouth (UK)