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Random Looper 1.0

This project is divided in 3, 1st one is called Armonia, it contains a number of elements which move in an aleatoric way inside the interface, in each one of these elements is contained a musical loop and everytime one of these elements comes inside of the active area, starts to sound. Every loop is synchronized with the others so there can be harmony. When an element of the same instrument comes inside the active area, kicks out the other. You can manipulate some parameters of movement and volume.

He second one is called Randrum and manages the same principle as Armonia but in this case, the active area follows the mouse?s position. The loops are drum parts like snare drums, drum kick and hit hat. You can manipulate parameters of movement, volume, speed and alignment.

The third one is called Speedball and this one contains no loops, just sounds corresponding to each one of the keys from a keyboard, the elements will sound everytime they hit one side of the interface, you can manipulate parameters of movement, volume, speed, sound and alignment.

I decided to do this project in base of artists like Santiago Ortiz (Colombia) ( ).
Theory of Golan Levin and John Cage, some projects of Michel van der Haagen, Robert Henke ( ) and also based in a variety of projects contained in the ixi software webpage ( ) like the spinOSC and Connector

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Education: Universidad del Valle de Mexico (1998 - 2002) Graphic Design Mexico City
Universidad Europea de Madrid (2003 - 2004) Master of art and new Technologies - Madrid
Interests: Web Design, Graphic Design, Multimedia, 3D animation, Video editing.