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Transcendental Cyber-Human Soundworlds.

Steps into a world developing a new aesthetic of immersive, layered soundfields and images with a hidden eroticism, fusing with the stream of programmed material.

With the design of this collection of sound and image pieces I intended to suggest a different mode of experience; one which encourages contemplative play and interaction. There are no instructions on how the user should interact with the sound pieces, though approaching them with the right state of mind will hopefully provide the most rewarding experience.

I have spent a lot of time developing the sonic identity for each of the pieces. The processes I have used stem from my own music, where I have begun to use several Granular Synthesis programs to process and abstract the original sound material into forms suitable for this interactive environment. The emphasis has been on a coherent sound and music structure, which is open enough to encourage interaction but defined enough to retain its identity.
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Martin Franklin is a digital artist & musician, curator, online broadcaster and founder of the Sound:Space sound art symposium. His current work combines sound with other media in the digital domain, often resulting in spatial installation pieces. As solo artist and former leader of Ambient trio, TUU, his many recorded works have been released around the Globe. Performances and exhibitions have included Inpact Festival, Estonia, Pixelpops, WOMAD, Cybersonica, ICA London and Sonic Arts Research Centre, Belfast.