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fijuu is a 3D, audio/visual performance engine. Using a game engine, the player(s) of fijuu dynamically manipulate 3D instruments with PlayStation2-style gamepads to make improvised music. The suite of instruments in fijuu will include a non-linear beat pattern sequencer, granular synthesis tools and a graphical filterbank. fijuu is built ontop of the open source game engine 'Nebula' and runs on Linux. fijuu will be released as a live CD Linux project, so players can simply boot up their PC with a PS2-style gamepad plugged in, and play without installing anything (regardless of operating system). This effectively turns the domestic PC into a console for game based audio performances.
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I am a New Zealand born artist, inventor, teacher and occasional writer based in Madrid, Spain. I've presented my papers and projects at many museums, international electronic-art events and conferences, including the Tate Modern, Transmediale, Ars Electronica and the Japan Media Arts Festival. My work has received several awards, ranging across technical excellence, artistic invention and interaction design. I've given numerous workshops and master classes in game-design, artistic game-development, object-oriented programming for artists, UNIX/Linux, virtual architecture, interface design, augmented reality and open source development practices worldwide. I'm a long-time advocate of the use of free software in artistic production, distribution and education.

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First Prize, Jeux Vidéo et Attractions, Laval Virtual, 09. Honorary Mention, Transmediale '04 New Zealand Open Source Award, 08 Honorary Mention, Prix Ars Electronica '08 Technical Innovation award, Indiecade '08 Jury Reccommended Work, Entertainment Division, Japan Media Arts Festival '08