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Sound Of Traffic

Sound of Traffic is a Java "application" which converts TCP/IP header information into midi notes via the Java Synthesizer. The purpose is to listen in on network traffic in ordered time, via a tempo, rather than realtime, which could be more chaotic. In this sense it becomes closer to music then noise.

Play back of traffic is sorted by source and destination addresses and ports. Ports are assigned individual midi instruments and played on odd or even ticks depending upon whether it is a source or destination packet. The note played by the port is based upon the number of hits (amount of traffic) occurring on the port.

Project development is on hold while a new audio engine is being developed. Requires a java system with access to tcpdump.
Written in Berkeley and Reno. John Weir

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I'm an independent commercial designer and coder. Been doing interactive design and graphics since I first touched a VIC-20.