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Soundpoems 1-3

Soundpoems one, two and three. The soundpoems one, two and three are interactive phonetic poems. minimal abstract poetry. games for sampled voice.
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Born in 1974. currently living in vienna, austria. member of the institute for transacoustic research. member of the vegetable orchestra (das erste wiener gems orchester). radio artist. audiovisualinteractive poetry. musician. master degree in computer science.

joerg piringer : awards & exhibitions

update vienna, austria
transakustik a bis z vienna, austria
VideoBardo04 buenos aires, argentina
FILE 2004 sao paulo, brazil
incubation 04 nottingham, united kingdom
erratum paris, france
off the record sound ARC paris, france
hrbar (together with elffriede) hamburg, germany
schauspiel frankfurt frankfurt, germany
artheater kln, germany
voruit ghent, belgium
p0es1s. digitale poesie 2004 berlin, germany
takeOff graz, austria