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dotdotdot is a new web and installation work using motion capture to locate a figure in a virtual space where the user can inhabit this figure and navigate the image.

dotdotdot is the net?s first interactive radio streaming motion capture project. It is a on-line virtual choreographic work where viewers select the soundtrack whilst driving the performance animations.

dotdotdot: choreographies by Ruth Gibson, Antonia Grove, Steven Brett, Rick Nodine. Interactive media Bruno Martelli, Guy Hilton. Design Igloo. Special Thanks to Company InSpace and Marshall White, Televirtual & Vicon. An igloo production, commissioned by Future Physical Commission in association with essexdance and online support from SCAN

We have version 1.0 online already. We plan to add a user interface, a more integrated radio tuner and several more characters to complement the existing five. We are also developing methods of presentation. We have previously exhibited the work as a 2 plasma screen installation in Cambridge.
As well as via the net we are looking at several presentation possibilites.

1. Presented with laptop attached to plasma screens.
2. Distributed around the venue in a console or space invader table version.
3. Utilising novel interaction methods for controlling the characters, eg Data Glove, trackball, touch screen, stereoscopic display.

Optimised for WindowsXP with IE 5.2 - will run in OS X & Os 9.2 and but may crash browser when closing the window.) Requires the Shockwave plugin and Real Player or iTunes. The Radio tuner in the movie opens stream in player. The player can then be minimised.

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igloo : about

Igloo's artistic concerns lie with visual images, created by movement and affected by viewers to unfold interactive animated performance. Igloo continue to lead the field of dance and technology pioneering a new genre for the integration of complex software and realtime cameras for use in theatrical productions and installations. Igloo break new ground in that the imagery, movement and music in their work, whether CdRom, DVD, web based or hybrid performance are all balanced through the technology. Uniquely they develop their own software tools and methods of working and presenting. Their innovative methodologies for combining creative artforms create emergent technologies bringing theatrical experiences to new audiences.

Digital media artist Bruno Martelli has directed experimental multimedia projects since 1992, exploring metaphysical worlds using video, internet, performance and installation

Ruth Gibson is co-director and founding member of Igloo. She performs with other companies including Gaby Agis & Co, Susan Kozel & Mesh, Gary Rowe & Gorgeous.

igloo : awards & exhibitions

Regional Arts Lottery Programme (RALP)
2004 Winter2space3 installation, Watermans Arts Centre, London, UK
2004 Winter2space3 installation, NewForms Festival, Vancouver, Canada
2003 Winter1space2 installation, E:Media lounge, London, UK
2003 Winter1space2 installation Cambridge Drama Centre, UK
2003 Winter1space2 performance/installation Bowen West Theatre, Bedford, UK
2003 Winterspace performance/installation, Chancellor Hall, Chelmsford, UK
2003 Winterspace performance/installation, Colchester Arts Centre, UK
2002 Winterspace installation at Monaco Dance Forum, Monaco
2001 Winterspace installation/performance, Hoxton Hall, Londo