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Infrasonic Soundscape

My project is an interface for the New York City's infrasonic soundscape.

We do not as a society pay attention to ambient sounds. We are much more focused on the visual over the auditory. My goal is to articulate the ambient sounds as an instrument and a sonic geographical browser so that people can be provoked to realize an importance of the infrasonic soundscape. Because of the physical behavior of sound, my investigation also includes the focus on the notion of space by using New York City as a stage for my project. I chose New York City for its unique architectural nature to use the city's space as a potential sonic platform which clearly frames the design of the project's interface. We tend to ignore what we hear in our typical life because we have learned not to acknowledge them. Therefore, the sampled sounds from the city are a series of low frequency sounds that we do not normally perceive, so that by experiencing the interface the users are able to actively involved with an unusual sonorous interactio

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