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Typemovie / Virtual Patient

The written word is currently experiencing a renaissance. SMS, e-mail, and chat have "thrown us back" upon our original form of indirect human communication. Yet we automatically associate interaction with the computer as a tool that extends the human arm and the symbiosis this produces. Let us now image we could actively and interactively participate in a film. And our only means of intervening is to flail away with the extension of our arm (mouse or joystick) and to "poke around" with every click: In a manner far removed from how we are used to viewing films, we poke buttons, houses, cars, plants, and people. I feel that current approaches of this sort can at best be termed active because they primarily emphasize motor skills.

What if we really could intervene? Intervene Yes, I mean becoming interactive in the sense that we could add our opinion to the action! Yet to do so requires that we first downgrade from all the 3D game graphics to the medium I am using here to communicate with you: letters of the alphabet. I would like to intervene in the interactive film by including the keyboard's primary function (M is M and not "shield" and the space bar is a space and not "fire"). I can "speak" to the figures in my film, maybe in a dialog, as an inner voice, as almighty God, or I speak for them.

The first project focuses on using cinematic means to immerse the user in a situation as close to a real conversation with a patient as possible. The Virtual Patient Project dialogue simulation project makes it possible for medical students to practise conducting a diagnostic discussion with a "virtual patient". Based on these simulated conversations with a "virtual patient", the future doctor can practise diagnostic technique, trying to determine the ailment at hand. The basic idea behind the project is the non-medical specific use of human communication, interaction between individuals, which is essential. This could be expanded on, for example, to incorporate narrative. "Type-Movies" seam now feasible, allowing the viewer to respond, in text form, to what is occurring in any space or even contacting the characters in a film, communicating directly with them.

http://www.typemovie.com The Virtual Patient went from alpha to beta.
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