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SpherAleas is made of a half-spherical structure and of an evolutionary, interactive device bringing man, image and sound together thanks to digital tools. The machine becomes the creators ally to produce image and sound forms.

This space is ideal for collective performances; it accomodates in its center a constellation of visible forms, of spinning sound loops, of luminous vibratory elements.
The dome-bubble hosts universes and objects endowed with life. They are articulated like subtile microcosms in conversation.

The visitor, actively engaged in this matrix space, creates sound and image interstices conducive to the awakening of sensitivities, thus opening unexpected territories to imagination. The visitor-creator is then offered ephemeral confrontations and opportunities for dialogues. He is invited to share the heights of his imagination with his neighbours and to let himself be carried by their own in sensual complicity, cradled by flows of random emotions, justifying its necessity by the sole intensity of the present meeting.

The scenography was conceived to completely immerse the spectator thanks to interactive sensors, a multipoint sound diffusion, a video projection system (180), with a half spherical membranous architecture.

This original community experiment becomes a poem of sensations: inside this womb-like space, sense perceptions are amplified, modified until a multitude of unexpected metaphorical worlds reverberate. Sph?rAl?as is a safe space of oneiric creation in which the public creates, handles, juxtaposes, superimposes audible and luminous forms, unstable and reactive.

Within the half-sphere, the spectator manipulates and influences the work. He is invited to create, to try out or feel image and sound structures close to the living world. Through his performance, the spectator develops a work made of hypnotic universes. He becomes creator and explorer of a microcosm born of sound and image samples.
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Gregory Lasserre has both artistic and technical skills. He designs and creates multimedia works: interactive devices, video images, CD-Roms, movies and websites. He loves everything visual, everything that has to do with images and the virtual representation of reality, through 3D, special effects, video or sound creation. He is working on the development of interactive, autonomous forms of digital art. He seeks and experiment with various forms of expression.

Ana met den Ancxt : Scenographer. She is a resident artist at the Friche Artistique Autogre RVI in Lyon. Combining various media (photography, video, drawing, painting, sculpture), she works on installations involving elements from the media or current events shifted to the world of play and childhood. She then offers them to the spectators in the form of superfluous or ridiculous objects. Anas met den Ancxt, 23, has a degree from the Ecole des Beaux-Arts of Lyon.

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OH TOUR DE LEAU...(Mdias-Cit) 2005
lighting festival 2003, 2004 (Lyon)
summertime festival 2004
festival emergences 2004 (villette numerical - paris)
Festival Les Intranquilles 2004