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Gameboyzz Orchestra Project

Gameboyzz Orchestra Project is an experimental sound - visual project, basing on the use of GameBoy console as a music instrument. Main assumption of project's authors is to create new sound space on the base of tones generated live from console during the performance.

The aim of the Gameboyzz Orchestra Project is to create irony in the electronic music scene with our low tech hardware and relatively simple software in a world dominated by ever more advanced digital music processing and creation technologies. A crucial decision since the very conception of this digital music project was the creation of a unique brand of music by relying solely on our GameBoy consoles as musical instruments.

Group is active since 2001, currently with six players.

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gameboyzz orchestra project : about


Jaroslaw Kujda (aka mikrokilla) - leader
Pawel Janicki - vj, producer
Mariusz Jura
Agnieszka Kujda
Malgorzata Kujda
Tomasz Prockow

gameboyzz orchestra project : awards & exhibitions


[21/11/2004 - Amsterdam - The Netherlands]

HIGH SCORE @ Landowski Space
[20 11 2004 - Paris, France]

STREFA - XIII-th Review of Audiovisual Art
[19/06/2004 - Klodzko, Poland]

The parallel World Robots ! -50?//N
[23/01/2004 - Lille, France]

Warsaw Electronic Festival 2003
[4/10/2003 - Warsaw, Poland]

m i c r o s c o p e s e s s i o n
[17/05/2003- Dresden, Germany]

10 International Media Art Biennale WRO 03
[2/05/2003 - Wroclaw, Poland]

Moeblierte Kindheit
[7/04/2003 - Duesseldorf, Germany]

EXIT festival
[7/03/2003 - Paris/Creteil, France]

Club transmediale.03 - GO EAST
[3/02/2003 - Berlin, Germany]

transmediale.03 - Play Global!
[31/01/2003 - Berlin, Germany]

[9-10/09/2002 - Linz, Austria]

STREFA - Review of Audio/Visual Art