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Conceived and designed by Emmanuelle Waeckerle programed in MAX/MSP and Jitter by Sebastian Lexer funded by an Arts Council London R&D bursary and Surrey Institute of Art and Design research fund. VINST is an interactive sound/video installation and performance exploring the interplay between music language and the body attempting to offer alternative modes of human interaction and communication. VINST is a virtual vocal instrument that uses the body image of the artist as a kind of cyborg displaying points of sonic sensitivity that are triggered and played by the viewer. The sounds are pre- or non-linguistic, and are somewhat anatomically appropriate: for example, low frequency sounds such as UUUU or OOO resonate in the lower part of the body, and so are sited accordingly on the instrument. VINST non verbal vocabulary has its own system of an-notation. Passing the cursor or applying (wacom) pen pressure over the VINST body triggers a variety of sonic responses. Certain audio effects, such as reverb, volume control and granular synthesis can be also induced by pen movement and pressure. Users will find, however, that VINST is capable of reacting unexpectedly.
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The project is an outcome of my multi-faceted but conceptually consistent exploration into the material properties of language, whether as written sign or vocal utterance. My interdisciplinary practice evolves between sound language and the body, exploring their performative intersections - via performance, video, installation, drawing and photography.I am currently exploring new technologies of interactivity in relation to using, hearing and seeing the voice and the possibilities of a vocal but non-verbal communication. Research partly funded by Surrey Institute of Art and Design, where I am a senior lecturer in Visual Communication. I exhibit and perform regularly nationally and internationally.

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future participation with project
Dartington college performance and workshop May 2005
expo 966 scarborough june 2005
LSO St lukes festival july 2005
Covent garden theatre museum april 2006