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Fagus Se Desnuda

Aiming to make known a unique natural space, the beech forest of Santa Pau situated in the town of the same name in Gerona, the artists Maria Teresa Chamorro and Emiliano Labrador, in collaboration with the Palo Alto foundation, have devised an audiovisual development which combines a traditional pictorial method with the latest advances in multi-media representation. The exhibition was held at the Foundations headquarters from the 3rd to the 12th March. Tacha carried out a series of photographs on silk and other works of oil on canvas. Emiliano Labrador made an installation in the form of a projection, in which people could walk in real time through a 3D representation. The beech forest, designed and modelled by Emiliano Labrador and programmed by Xavier Artigas, is a three-dimensional environment based on the above-mentioned beech forest. The two predominant elements that were taken into account when creating this project were the recreation of a natural landscape of extraordinary beauty and the representation, before the public, of the magic that encircles this type of forest. In this way, the visitor can see how the landscape changes as the seasons pass and how days turns into night. During the night, the forests magic is made explicitly apparent, inviting the audience to walk through a new, previously unknown environment. In addition, other elements have been introduced, such as a group of statues representing control over the elements air, water, earth and fire and even a goblin who appears through the forest, narrating legends, albeit in his own language. The navigation system works with a mouse and keyboard and to view it, the best immersion system consists of a computer projection, using stereoscopic vision glasses.
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Founding member of the Spanish group 'dijo el monje', which took part in many electronic art festivals in Spain (Art Futura, Ciberart) and Mexico, with pieces like Primario or Amamanta. Designed an artificial stork nest that was awarded the ADI FAD 94 medal.

Ganador (ex aequo) concurso creacin de video juegos patrocinado por Playstation 2 dentro de ArtFutura 2003
First prize winner (ex aequo), in the Sony Playstation2 contest 2003, Spain, inside ArtFutura exhibition , Barcelona.
Experience: 3D modeller for many companies based in Madrid, like Triple Factor. Team Lead at REM. 3D Supervisor at Cover (Barcelona), creators of the model of the Sagrada Familia temple, by Antoni Gaudi. Teacher of Computer Graphics in La Salle University and BAU Art School (Barcelona).This protect was exhibited in the Palo Alto Fundation, Barcelona.