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Run, World, Run

Run World Run! is an interactive Flash animation comprised of various media samples from corporate marketing. In a society where the general public emulates pop stars serving as ambassadors for media oligopolies, hierarchal plateaus of desire, content, and profit strategy, spiral into a feedback loop, absorbing or squelching competing alternatives for cultural expression. In Run World, Run!, found media was cropped with intent to focus on the core meaning of corporate messages. The familiar chants of I'm Lovin It!, Think Outside The Bun!, Can you hear me know, and Priceless are blended with images of corporate logos, pop icons, and the everyday consumer. These images and sounds are orchestrated with Flash Actionscript, to create an endless malaise representing the ever-expanding dirigible of homogenous corporate media.

The spectacle is the moment when the commodity has attained the total occupation of social life. Not only is the relation to the commodity visible but it is all one sees: the world one sees is its world. Modern economic production extends its dictatorship extensively and intensively. In the least industrialized places, its reign is already attested by a few star commodities and by the imperialist domination imposed by regions which are ahead in the development of productivity. In the advanced regions, social space is invaded by a continuous superimposition of geological layers of commodities. At this point in the ?second industrial revolution,? alienated consumption becomes for the masses a duty supplementary to alienated production. It is all the sold labor of a society which globally becomes the total commodity for which the cycle must be continued. For this to be done, the total commodity has to return as a fragment to the fragmented individual, absolutely separated from the productive forces operating as a whole. Thus it is here that the specialized science of domination must in turn specialize: it fragments itself into sociology, psychotechnics, cybernetics, semiology, etc., watching over the self-regulation of every level of the process. Guy Debord, Society of the Spectacle

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Douglas Easterly was born and raised in Anchorage, Alaska, United States. Earning a B.A. and M.F.A in painting, he is self-taught in terms of new media skills. His work stems from interests and research regarding genetics, information theory, cybernetics, evolution, procedural art, emergence theory and popular culture. This work ranges from performance art, video, installation, multimedia, web art and programming. Currently he is an Assistant Professor at Syracuse University where he teaches programming and multimedia in the department of Art Media Studies.