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The work consists of a Free Software GameBoy emulator whose rendering system has been (pathologically) rewritten to degenerate over time. Game entities mutate into background and interface elements, or appear as fragments of the games binary code. Text begins to emerge as a jumble of characters, sprites and binary data. Scanline bytes are miscopied, transformed and duplicated. Memory is blitted into sections of the screen, as the inside of the game seeps to the outside. Variations in the rendering behaviour are triggered by user interactions implicit in the game play and are manipulated by a Cellular Automata 'metabolism' giving rise to inter-related rendering symptoms. The emulator displays an unpredictable agency that injects a subjectifying process into the rendering of the software instructions it executes. As software, the emulator is provided as open source code available for others to extend; the binary, source and documentation can be considered as component parts of the work. Thanks to Gilgamesh and Laguna for releasing their Free Software 'gnuboy' from which this modification is derived. Rather than a project that has been written from scratch, the code in this sense may be considered a 'readymade' into which an artistic intervention has been made. The recast code exists as a dysfunctional branch of the gnuboy emulator's project tree. The interventions in the code have been documented and commented, allowing for others to add their own attitudinal Corby & Baily 2002
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Well you might wonder what I am doing suggesting you look at this piece which isn't exactly net art at 70 mb. But it offers an interesting insight into the diversity and use of collage cut ups and sound remixes.If you want it you can get it from his site. He will also send it out on cdrom to you.


(vernacular digital minimalism)

Loop_reprise is an mp3 player that plays different versions of a single well known song. The project cross-links a number of old and new cultural tendencies. From the classical avant-garde, repetitious unit as a formal device (minimalism), and from digital multimedia it connects the use of sampling to an older tradition of the 'cover version' from popular music. Rather than (interactively) allowing users to remix or re-author sound samples, the project takes a number of different versions of the same song and plays them sequentially as a series of repetitive units. By looping the same song through its different manifestations, the project enables us to experience the individual songs anew as a singular entity; a collection of individuated/granular parts experienced as whole.

Download here (80mb) if you have a broadband connection, or contact the artists ( for a CD of the project. Corby & Baily 2001

You can download 2 versions of the work from the web site if you have a high bandwidth connection.
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Gavin Baily Gavin studied at the Ruskin School of Drawing and Fine Art (1990-93), and Computer Science at University College London (1996). His work with digital media has focused on developing conjunctions of software-based visualisation and the data traces of social processes. He has held research positions at the Royal College of Art, the University of Cambridge, and the BBC. Tom Corby Tom is a senior lecturer at the University of Westminster. He studied Fine Art at Middlesex University (1987) and completed his PhD at Chelsea College of Art & Design in 2001. His research is concerned with relocating digital imaging processes within wider aesthetic and critical frameworks and is the editor of the book "Network Art: Practices and Positions" (Routledge 2005), which explores how artists have extended the Internet's social and digital architectures.
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